Monday, July 27, 2009

A Wedding and Some Sushi

The wedding was so nice! Kam got to wear his dressiest outfit for it...we are hoping it will still fit for his Dedication!! We really need to set that up. Anyway, the wedding was lovely, and we are so very happy for Leslie and Justin!!! I have to share this picture because I just thought it was the cutest idea! It talks about how the SWEETest part of their wedding was sharing it with all their guests (I think...something to that effect) and there were lots of different kinds of candy and little bags that you could fix for yourself! So cute!!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Williams! I have a picture of them looking at the camera, but I totally cut off the top of Justin's head, so decided to use this one instead.

Kamden did great...had a couple of times that I thought he had an explosion, but I quickly unbuttoned the bottom of his outfit and sat him up on a nursing cover so he could finish. It stayed in the diaper both times! Yaaay!!! Thought I'd share this ADORABLE picture of him talking to his Daddy!

And this, my very favorite picture of my very favorite boys. Is my husband not just so very handsome??? Man, I am one lucky girl.
After the wedding, we came back to Beaumont to rest a little then met up with Mark, Lauren, Paul, Tony, and Aaron for sushi! Yummmm....
Okay, I'd posted another picture of a Crunch Roll, but I accidentally deleted it and I don't feel like re-uploading it! So the Kiluaua will have to do. And lastly, my wonderful friend, Lauren, with her wonderful baby boy, Paul, and me and my wonderful baby boy!

It was such a good time!!

Tomorrow we are going to meet with a realtor...pretty exciting, right? We are really hoping to get the ball rolling on this house stuff. Pray for us!!

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Nancy said...

LOVE the pictures of our boys! :) I will be praying that things will go well with the realtor today. Keep me posted!!