Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our One Year Old!

Oh, that sounds so weird.

I have spent the majority of this day completing, "A year ago today..." statements. A year ago this morning, I looked like this:

A year ago around 2:14 (or 2:16? How bad is it that I don't remember?!?!?!) this afternoon we met this little guy for the first time!
A year ago rightthisveryminute I was feeding Kamden one last time before sending him to the nursery so we could get some rest for the night. I was tired. But I was the happiest woman alive...I was officially a MAMA!

And now, a year later, I sit here at my computer, with my sweet baby boy sleeping soundly across the hall, trying to figure out how in the world did we get here so fast? Has it really been a year since I looked into his eyes for the first time? Has it really been a whole year since our lives changed so completely? And has it only been a year that Kamden has been in my life? (Well, a year and 9 months, technically.) I am overcome with joy and gratitude that God decided to let Kaleb and I be Kamden's parents here on earth--that He chose to give us this tremendous, humbling opportunity to care for him and love him. He is perfect and healthy...and I don't know why God decided to give us such an amazing blessing in such a tiny baby (at the time ha!), but I am forever changed.
Kamden, our perfect, precious son,

We love you more than you can ever imagine. You bring us such joy, such happiness, such hope. When you smile at me, I feel like the most important person in the world. When you laugh, it is infectious. When your little face scrunches up and you squeeze your eyes as tight as they will go and try to muster some big, sad tears when we tell you "No," we might laugh for a minute...because you are so darn cute...but it also just breaks our hearts to think that we've hurt yours! You'll learn eventually that we don't let you eat paper or climb on the hearth for some really good reasons. But for now, we'll just have to keep watching you do your best to squeeze out some tears and work us over!

My sweet boy, I pray that you will grow up knowing how important it is that God is first in your life, and I know the only way that can happen is if we show you. So I pray that, while I know we will not always be the perfect parents, that we will be able to be examples of Christ's love for you and that we will never forget that God is the reason we have everything...each other, your amazing, sweet sister, our wonderful, loving families, our faithful friends, and you. I pray that He will continue to be in the middle of mine and your Daddy's relationship and in the very center of our family. I pray that He will keep you safe and well and keep all of us in His perfect will.

I love you so.very.much my sweet, precious boy.

Happy Birthday! And never, ever forget...I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be! Momma loves her little son!
P.S. I promise a much less sentimental post another day this week with birthday party pictures. Just feeling quite weepy and nostalgic tonight!