Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break & Party Plans

Well, my Spring Break has come and gone! It was last week, and it was a much needed break! Friday night, we went up to my parents' to spend the weekend with them. Our 4th wedding anniversary was Thursday, March 3rd, so Saturday night my parents watched Kamden so we could go on a date!

We went to Shreveport, spent some time in Barnes and Noble (and actually bought books that we have since read!), got some clothes for Kaleb and Target, and had some yummmmy sushi! It was so wonderful to just get to have some time alone together.

Kaleb came back home on Sunday, and Kam and I stayed to hang out with my family since my mom and sister were also on Spring Break last week.

Kam got his Nan, Bip, and Katie fix, and Nan, Bip, and Katie got their Kam fix!!

FYI: It is incredibly difficult to get good pictures of our sweet boy right now, as this is what he is usually doing:
Man, I love this kid!!

Unfortunately, Ella's spring break is later on in the month, and she had her aunt, uncle, and first cousins on her mom's side coming in from Florida to visit, so we weren't able to get her over the weekend. But we will have her for her spring break and we cannot wait!!

If you're reading this, you probably already know, but I "officially" restarted Weight Watchers on January 10 of this year. I'd been working on kicking my 64 extra pounds (yes, I said it!!) since school started in August, but I just kept going back and forth, and I have had such great success with WW in the past that I knew I would have to be just as diligent with it if I really wanted to feel good again. Luckily, my mom, sister, and a couple of my aunts joined too! It sure makes it easier to do when you are accountable to people! All that to say, I've set several mini-goals for myself (along with my big ultimate goal weight of 145, and yes, I know that if you can do math that you now know my starting weight was 209, and I am okay with you knowing that), and one of them was to have lost 30 lbs by Spring Break. And if I did that, I could buy a couple new items of clothing! (Because I cannot wear some of them anymore, yay!) Well, I met that goal the week BEFORE Spring Break, got cocky, and by the actual weigh-in day I was 1 lb away from my goal!!! Talk about frustrating! We still went shopping on Monday, and I still tried on clothes, but I just wasn't really happy with anything I tried on (although I have gone down a size) so I didn't end up buying anything. I've since gotten back past that goal and I've lost 17 lbs since officially starting WW. (We are doing it online.) So that is really exciting!!

I am going to really try not to talk about the weight loss stuff on here because I feel like it is ALL I would talk about. Right now, I really need motivation to get work-outs in. When I lost before, I'd joined a gym, and I absolutely LOVED it...all the equipment at my fingertips, Spin classes, Group classes, etc. But a gym membership is not fitting into our budget right now! So I am trying to get motivated to take up running. I REALLY want to be a runner. So I am hoping to start Couch to 5K soon. Probably next week, since this week is already halfway over.

Okay, done with the weight stuff.

Now for the second half of my title, party plans. I know you won't believe it, but Kamden's 2nd birthday is coming up!!! Tear!!! (And sadly, as a teacher, also relief because the weekend we're doing his party is April 30, which is the first weekend after the TAKS test, which means RELIEF, and also, PANIC and PRAYER that the scores will be good!) He absolutely loves a lot of stuff...but his favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Fresh Beat Band. Which is great, because neither is too annoying. So we decided we would use one of these as a party theme. Now, there's MMC stuff out the wazoo, but would you believe that there are NO pre-made Fresh Beat Band party decorations? Except the custom-made stuff. Last night I'd just about talked myself into just making all the decorations myself (I found some cute stuff online that I know I can do) but to be honest, I just don't know that I would find the time to get it all done. And the colors I'd use might look too girly. And, also, this:

Do you think this boy loves him some Mee-Mouse?? (***PLEASE*** know that our bedroom does not always look like this. While I was videoing this, I looked at the background and just cringed and didn't even want to share it, I am SERIOUSLY so embarrassed, but...my goodness this kid is just so stinkin' cute doing his Meeska Mooska that I couldn't not share it as proof of his Mickey Love.) So...I think we are going with a MMC theme. Which will be WAY easier than Fresh Beats! And there's always next year! If he's still into them then=)