Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nesting and Testing

I figured it was about time I updated. I've been waiting for something exciting to happen, though. Not there yet=) At our last doctor's appointment we found out that (according to my doctor's measurements) our baby boy is about 6 weeks ahead of where he should be. So either he's really big, I'm really big, we're both really big, he was standing on his tip toes, or there's lots of fluid in there. My doctor wasn't too worried...he just said now he had a good excuse to give me another ultrasound. Fine by me! I like looking at the little guy=) So we have an ultrasound at our next appointment, Feb. 12. I also got the orders to get my glucose test done this week to screen for gestational diabetes. The test went well...I didn't puke or even want to. The juice wasn't that bad at all! And I didn't pass out when they took my blood. Double positive! Now, let's just pray that my doctor's office doesn't call me in the next few days. No news is good news with these things apparently.

My mind has been in full-nesting mode the last few weeks. I have an unbelievable urge to get Kamden's side of his and Ella's room ready. I asked her if it was okay if he shared her room for now. She said, "Of course it is! Then I can sleep in there and he'll be with me so I won't be scared!" It was so sweet. She's really getting into this big sister stuff. We were in the mall Tuesday and I was looking at strollers and baby stuff and she found an outfit that she just insisted that we get for Baby Kamden. She would not leave without us buying it, so we have officially bought our first baby boy outfit! That's the only baby thing we've bought besides diapers so far. We have settled on a crib and bedding set that we like, so that is exciting! Now to decide on a pattern for a carseat/stroller system, a pack-n-play, and a changing table! There is so much to do. I cannot believe I am already 6 months pregnant!!! Time really does fly. Our little man will be here before we know it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

JG Wentworth

Here's how you know that JG Wentworth commercials are too numerous. When your 4-year-old is playing in the bathtub with some toys and they're arguing, and you lean in close to listen and they're all saying, "It's my money and I need it NOW!!!" Yes. That just happened.