Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ya Hear That Little Bomp Bomp Bomp...

Remember in "Where the Heart Is" Natalie Portman's character says something like, "Ya hear that little 'bomp, bomp, bomp'? That's where the heart is." Welll.......with a doppler it sounds more like a whoosh whoosh whoosh, but we definitely heard our baby's today!!! It was the most amazing thing yet. We had an ultrasound back at 5 wks, but it was just the yolk sac, so it didn't seem like a real baby. Today, though, it was really real!! I can't wait to feel this little bean move and kick around. The nurse couldn't find it at first, only mine, then she moved over and we could hear mine and the baby's beating together. AH-mazing. She was then able to isolate the baby's...which measured in the 180's! Excited little thing! I was absolutely giddy. I know I'm pregnant, but having confirmation that everything's going so well was so amazing! Kaleb and I are so very blessed...I am so excited for the months to come!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Best Show of My LIFE

Disclaimer: This is going to be a really long post. You must know that I waited approximately 18 years to see New Kids on the Block, who were my absolute favorite band during the late 80's-early 90's era. I am going to gush. A lot. You have been warned.

OH my gosh. I knew I was going to love this show, but I in no way prepared myself for it properly. First off, we'd bought the cheapest tickets available ($35 because with taxes and stuff it was $50) and were in the nosebleed section. We got there about 7:30 and the show was supposed to start at 8. We'd been sitting for about 5 minutes and this guy in a nice suit came up and was like, "Do y'all want to sit closer?" Ummmm....HECK YES WE DO!!! We were thinking maybe a few rows up. He took us out into the foyer thing and told us to speak to one of the ladies there with tickets (workers). They traded our section 419 (highest section possible that was so steep i couldn't stand up to dance for fear of falling) for section 103 tickets, which were 1 section up to the right of the stage!!!!!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!! I have NO idea how we lucked out except that the Lord is good and He knew we'd waited 18 years to see them! So we went to get our new seats, which were in such an awesome spot where we could see them both onstage and backstage before they went on. There were still people in our section. I guess we just looked a) super desperate or b) super loyal or c) super hot. I'll take all three!!!

Natasha Bedingfield opened up (she sings stuff like "These Words (I love you I love you I love you)", the theme song from The Hills, "Unwritten" (I'm listing these for my mom mostly)) and she was AMAZING. I'm not gonna lie I was ready for her to get off the stage but that's just because I was ready for my boys!! They finally took the stage at 9:05. Every thought left my head except the fact that I was ACTUALLY seeing New Kids on the Block. They gave every song their absolute all. They sounded amazing...even Donnie and Danny sounded good. Of course nobody could hear Jon. Bless his heart I don't even think he really does anything but dance a little. At one point, Danny came out on his own and break danced (broke danced?) and it was AMAZING. The dude is almost 40 and he was KILLING IT. They sang EVERY SINGLE SONG I wanted them to sang and more. They made me love their new album (I didn't before). I screamed like a 13 year old the entire night, so my voice is now completely shot. One of the highlights: you guys remember Jordan's dirty single, "Give it to You"? Well, he comes out (I believe this was the time he came out with an unbuttoned white shirt with an, I'm sorry Kaleb, amazing torso) and they start playing that carousel music from "Give it to You"!!!!!!!!!! We just flipped out. NEVER thought we'd hear him sing that song!!!! So while he was singing that, in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Well, if he's doing his solo single, maybe Joey will do his..." Since Joe was my absolutely obsessive favorite, I bought all his solo albums and that "Stay the Same" album I totally ran into the ground. Jordan leaves. Joey comes on. And.He.Does.It. I lost it again, even more than over Jordan if that was possible. I'd also like to say that Jordan and Joey's voices were PERFECT the entire night. Donnie's was awesome, too, (and REALLY hot, Leah, that boy has got some MOVES). Everyone just sounded perfect. I'm going to try to list all the songs they played in no order:

Single (new single)
My Favorite Girl
The Right Stuff
Please Don't Go Girl
Click Click Click (new)
Twisted (new) SO HOT
Grown Man (new) SO HOT
Summertime (new)
Hangin' Tough
Step by Step
I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
Cover Girl
Give It To You
Stay the Same
Valentine Girl
Didn't I Blow Your Mind
2 In the Morning (new) AWESOME
I am pretty sure they did "Baby I Believe in You"

I may have left some out, but these guys came on at 9:05 and they left at 11:00. That's the longest I've ever heard any band perform. And you all know how I love music and concerts, especially John Mayer, but hear this. THIS WAS THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. It was the funnest, the most energetic, (I danced the ENTIRE night), the most nostalgic, the best looking, the best seats, the best sounding show I've been to. Say what you want, but that is how I feel.

This show was amazing. New Kids DEFINITELY still have it, and I don't care what anybody says!!!!! I wish you all could've been there!!! I was SO glad to enjoy it (and scream and be super silly) with my girls Katie, Blaire, and Lauren. Ladies, I am so glad I was able to have the NKOTB experience with you!! And I'm so glad I didn't feel retarded when I was jumping up and down and losing control of my mind and body as long as they were on stage!!!

It was the best night I've had that didn't include Kaleb in my life. Nights with him surpass this, but nothing else does.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OMG, like tomorrow I am TOTALLY going to see New Kids on the Block!!! I really am so excited. I know I should probably be ashamed or something, but I make no apologies for my awesome taste in music circa elementary school. Man. I just hope I don't a) cry or b) pee my pants. However, doing both simultaneously would not dampen (no pun intended) my excitement!!! I actually dreamt about Joey last night. He came to my parents house where (in my dream) I still had a poster of them hanging above my bed. We hung out and he tried to put the moves on me but I told him I was married. See, Kaleb, even Joey McIntyre can't take me away from you!! Anyway, I kept trying to get people to take pictures of me with Joey, and they wouldn't. and finally they just told me that he wasn't really there and I'd hallucinated the whole thing. Wow. This pregnancy's been giving me some very vivid dreams!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pregnancy=Impatient, Emotional Mess

To brag about my utterly AMAZING husband who never ceases to amaze me. I was teaching my 4th graders about rounding with decimals and our secretary knocked on my door and delivered the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers. I'd post a picture, but I don't have a camera here. OH my goodness I almost started crying. Kaleb knew the kind of a morning I was having and sent them to brighten my day! Boy, did they ever. Kaleb Alce Breaux, I love you more than you will EVER know. And not just because you sent me flowers. You are everything I ever dreamt of in a husband and so.much.more. I do not deserve you, but I sure am elated that God gave you to me! I LOVE YOU!!!

So these past couple weeks I have pretty much decided I don't really want to be a teacher anymore. Maybe it's because I'm tired all the time. Maybe it's because I don't like having so much to do outside my teaching hours. Maybe it's because I feel guilty that I can't stay at home with Ella (she cries the entire way to her school every morning telling me she doesn't want to go because she's going to miss me and "but i loooove you!!!"). Maybe it's because I was feeling okay about my students' progress until we got 4 new kids from Ike who have apparently been taught NOTHING at any of their other schools (i.e. adding, subtracting across zeros, place value, rounding). 4th and 5th graders. At any rate, all of these things together makes me greatly desire a change in profession or a lack of any profession.

I've decided my first choice (were we rich enough) would, of course, be to be a stay at home mom. Like that's gonna happen. My second choice, which may be just as good, would be to bake stuff. I love to bake. Why not make a career of it? I could start out like Paula Deen, baking stuff out of my home and selling it to people and then eventually having my own awesome bakery or cake shop or something. I just don't want to teach.

I AM very excited, however, about spending time with Leslie and Justin tonight and going on a date with my amazing husband tomorrow night!!!!!!!!