Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OMG, like tomorrow I am TOTALLY going to see New Kids on the Block!!! I really am so excited. I know I should probably be ashamed or something, but I make no apologies for my awesome taste in music circa elementary school. Man. I just hope I don't a) cry or b) pee my pants. However, doing both simultaneously would not dampen (no pun intended) my excitement!!! I actually dreamt about Joey last night. He came to my parents house where (in my dream) I still had a poster of them hanging above my bed. We hung out and he tried to put the moves on me but I told him I was married. See, Kaleb, even Joey McIntyre can't take me away from you!! Anyway, I kept trying to get people to take pictures of me with Joey, and they wouldn't. and finally they just told me that he wasn't really there and I'd hallucinated the whole thing. Wow. This pregnancy's been giving me some very vivid dreams!

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Nancy Lowe said...

Hilarious!! :-D I'm sure that the three of you will have a wonderful time tonight. Just don't bring any of those boys home with you! :)