Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Killer Queen.

I totally killed a mouse today for the first time ever. I think maybe I should feel bad because the whole time Kaleb & I were "chasing" it from under the refrigerator, I just kept saying, "He's so cute!!" because he seriously was the cutest mouse I've ever seen. Even after I dealt him his death blow(s) and he had his little guts coming out his behind, his little mouth was open in the cutest little "O" and his little hands were drawn up to his chest. Cutest.dead.mouse.ever. It was super tiny, too. But it was in our kitchen. We were afraid Ella would object to our killing it, but she was all for it and cheering us on. We all felt incredibly accomplished and mouse-free for the evening. We know we still have some mice that get in our garage, though, so we went out and bought traps for them. It'll be much easier than broom-bashing!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So today, exactly one week after I opened Twilight, I finished Breaking Dawn. During that week, I fell in love with Bella, Edward, and Jacob (and Renesmee), became completely obsessed with anything Twilight-related, and have tried to get every girl I know to read at least the first book (and successfully hooked one of them). I have laughed, cried, and totally immersed myself into this story. I am pretty sure I thought I was Bella, which makes me think that Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job of writing. I was pretty embarrassed that I got so into these YA books, but I couldn't help it! I am in dire need of discussing them with someone. Especially Breaking Dawn! So hurry it up, Leslie!!! No one else I know has read them!

I am actually kind of ready for school to start. I never thought I'd say that...but I am. I think I might go up tomorrow and do some work in my classroom. I want to do a lot more in the decorations department than I did last year. So, if anyone still reads this, I am open to some math-y suggestions!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

John Mayer.

I have a lot to write about: the trip to Austin and then the Woodlands, my new obsession with the Twilight series, and John Mayer. I'm choosing the one I'm reeling over the most right now. See title.

Anyone who's known me for a while knows that I love music. Really close friends know that I have some Ultimates. Jeff Buckley is my Ultimate all time musician. He is dead. Freddie Mercury is close behind him. John Mayer, since I randomly chose his first album when I was a freshman in college, has been my Ultimate living artist. I love his music, I love his abilities, I basically just love the guy. In a fan way of course. I cannot say that I have met anyone (in real life) who is as obsessive about him as I am. My friends like him (except the guys...for some reason they all hate him. Jealousy I think) but they're not just crazy ridiculously nuts about him. I've seen him 4 times, counting tonight, and he just gets better and better. He absolutely amazes me. I will have to say that the show in Dallas in 2002 or 2003 is probably still my favorite, but this one was still amazing. Brett Dennen and Colbie Caillat opened for him. I LOVE Brett, but I am afraid not many others in the audience knew him. Idiots. Colbie I can do without. She kind of gets on my nerves. But Mayer came out and did some wonderful harmony on her "Realize." I hadn't seen him since he shaved his head. It quickly grew on me. When it was time for him to come out, here's what we saw:

Umm...I know they're small...but can you tell he's freaking TOPLESS?? It took me a while to recover from it at first. It was butt nasty hot out there, so it was understandable. Did it make the show more interesting? Sure. Was his music still the focus? For me, absolutely. Even Kaleb, who absolutely loathes the guy, said that he was surprised at how good he sounded live. Just like a recording. Fabulous. He did a few covers..."Free Falling" which was expected as it's on the "Where the Light Is" show he did and released. He actually did a fabulous blues version of Duffy's "Mercy." He bluesed it up so much that it was almost unrecognizable if you didn't catch the lyrics. The man is a genius. He did a little "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" which was nice. Probably some more but you don't really care right? You're still looking at those pictures aren't you? I can't blame ya. The guy is hot, I'm just sayin.

So this concert, which I've been looking forward to since the spring, was a perfect culmination to my summer, which isn't over yet. I will see him every chance I get, and you should, too!
To close, I would like to thank my wonderful husband for surprising me with these tickets randomly, for no reason, in April (I think it was April). I love you!!! You are the BEST!!