Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bath Time!

I realized recently (mostly thanks to Carolyn's adorable bath pics of Baby Jaslyn!) that we had next-to-no bath pictures of Kamden! And that I definitely didn't have a bath time post. It's for a good reason...Kam really didn't care to much for baths in the beginning. His wonderful Daddy discovered that it was because we weren't getting his water warm enough, though, and baths are usually pretty fuss-free for him now. We were still putting his tub by the sink and just pouring the water over him and all that. Well, last night we put him in the tub with me and he LOVED it!!! He kept trying to lay his head back in the water, bucking off of me, kicking his feet, and cooing and smiling. So, that told us that he really likes being submerged in the water! That and the fact that when his Daddy put him in the pool at Mema and Pawpaw's this weekend he was in heaven as well=)

So tonight, it was bath time for both our sweet kiddos. Now, let me back up. My mom came down today to help me take the kids to Sulphur so we could take Kam for his 2 month checkup and (grimace) shots. More on that later. But, since Nan is here, Ella got to stay up past her normal bedtime so they could play. We are also phasing out naps with her because she is doing so great during the day, afternoon, and evening now even without her naps. And it helps her fall asleep more easily at night. So, all that to say that at 9:45 when we told Ella it was bath time, she was extremely sad. What would make it better? How about we throw brother in the tub with her!! She really liked that idea and perked right up! So we put his tub inside her tub and, well...

They loved it!! Ella was SUCH a big girl while Daddy washed her hair, and Kam didn't cry about any of it either!

So, speaking of Kam crying. Guess that's as good of a segue as I'm gonna get here. We did have our sweet boy's shots today. Three of them. Plus an oral vaccine for the rotovirus. I did a good bit of research on vaccines because all the talk has me pretty scared of them. But I prayed about it a lot and God really gave me a peace about it. Man, He's been doing that a lot lately=) Anyway, I was really nervous about taking him by myself to get it done. I knew Ella would be with me to help, but she can't drive and I was afraid he would need lots of extra comforting on the ride home, since our fabulous pediatrician is an hour away (and worth every mile). Kaleb couldn't come because of work complications, so my wonderful mom offered to come down and help. I do not know what we'd do without her! A lot of people I'd talked to and the nurse I spoke with from the doctor's office suggested giving Kam Tylenol 30 min to an hour before the shot. So my plan was to give it to him 30 min before we got to the office. I realized that I'd forgotten my plan as we were sitting in the office waiting for the doctor to come back. I was feeling pretty horrible, but it ended up being about 30 min before the shot anyway because of course the doctor took a little while to make it to us and then the nurse came in for the shots. Ella did not want to watch, so she and Nan went out to look at the fish tank in the waiting room. He did great on the oral Rotovirus vaccine, then the nurse told me to hold his hands and I did and got down in his face and she said, "Here we go, Mom!" but she didn't need to because as soon as she stuck him he started screaming and turning as red as I've ever seen him. I tried to talk to him to console him but I was tearing up and when I start to cry I can't talk or you can hear it in my voice, so I just kissed on him til it was over. She was so fast!!! As soon as she was done and I picked him up, he whimpered a bit and then was fine! I was banking on needing to nurse him when we got done, too, but he'd just eaten while waiting for the doctor to come back so he was fine. He didn't cry at all on the ride home! I did notice this evening that he was a little warmer than usual (the kid is a heater anyway) so we gave him another dose of Tylenol tonight. Oh, here are 2 of his 3 bandaids.
Sweet my baby! Oh, and for the checkup results!! As you can see from his bath pictures, the kid is turning into quite the little chunk! He has a belly that just won't stop! And he now weighs 13 lbs 5 oz!!! Incredible. They said he was 23 inches, and they said he was 23.5 inches last time. So I think the measuring just isn't accurate because I really don't think he's shrinking. He is in the 90th percentile for weight, and our doctor said that he should be getting really close to sleeping through the night now!! We shall see. He gave us some tricks to try. I'll be happy if we can just get back to one middle-of-the-night feeding, though. I don't expect a full night this early on.

I guess I should end this so we can watch the new Ghost Hunters International that we DVR'd tonight. I honestly don't know what I'd do without DVR.

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Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, he's just adorable! Bath time pics are way cute!

I'm so not looking forward to Jaslyn getting her shots, poor Kam he got 3 shots... why can't it be just one?

Please let me know when he starts sleeping through the night, I'm so looking forward to that!! =)