Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visits and a Shower

Slacking again, I know.

So we know that Nan was here to visit. Thought I should give you some proof!
After she left, BOTH KIDS went down for a nap at approximately the SAME TIME!!! The stars were aligned or something.

It's a rare moment around here! I got quite a bit done around the house before Kaleb got home.

Yes, they can both breathe, I promise!! They are burrowers I guess=)

After Kaleb got home, we were still waiting for Katie to arrive, so Ella and I decided to bake some of the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever tasted!! She is such a little bakerella!

Look at that form!! She is a natural!

Katie arrived and we went out to eat at La Cantina, our favorite Mexican restaurant. No pictures of that, sadly.

The next morning, Katie watched the kids (our first official babysitter!) while I went to this FABULOUS day spa to get a pedicure that she'd gotten me for my birthday!! Best pedicure of my life. I will have to make this a monthly indulgence, I'm afraid! I mean, check them out!!
Mmmmm, it had been over a year. So nice!!! Thank you, Katie!! And if you live in the Beaumont area, I highly recommend Vallie Marie Day Spa!
That afternoon, Kaleb's coworkers gave Kamden a shower! This was our 4th one...we are so, so very blessed!!! I didn't get a lot of pictures because we were opening gifts and writing and all that good stuff, but here are the decorations and the adorable cake!
And here is the best present-opener, displayer, and the best big sister ever!
What an eventful day...during the shower, one of Kaleb's coworkers was feeding Kam with my last bottle of expressed milk and he had a HUGE blowout that went all the way up his back. And through his adorable little outfit (which is now ruined) onto the lady's blue jeans!!! I hope it didn't stain them the way it stains everything it touches at our house! (By the way, he NEVER had blowouts like that until the night after his shots, so I am thinking that might have had something to do with it.) Silly mama had forgotten to pack an extra outfit for Kam. Luckily, we were at a BABY SHOWER and there were a few outfits that were his size right now=) Like this one!
So handsome.
After the shower, we loaded everything into the truck so that we could take Ella to meet up with Kaleb's dad. They were taking her to Galveston for the weekend. We got in the truck, I started feeding Kamden, and Kaleb was moving the car into a parking space. He glanced at the truck to see that it now had a flat tire. They're doing construction on the building we were parked at and a big chunk of metal got stuck in his tire. So, we moved to the car and Kaleb loaded everything into it and we were off. After we dropped Ella off, we met back up with Katie at Frankie's, our favorite Italian restaurant in town.

I have no idea how we managed to not get a single picture of Katie while she was here!! I promise she was, though!

Yesterday, Kam and I hung out at home while Kaleb played golf with his dad. I cooked a roast for supper last night and started preparing for today's lunch. I did my first Lambert Brisket Sunday Dinner, and it was a success! Brisket (okay, it was a Sadler's that I doctored up), Baked Beans, Potato Salad, and Garlic Bread. And I doctored up some barbecue sauce, too. I learned from the best!!! (That would be my sweet Daddy. This is one of his Sunday dinners!) We had our wonderful friends, Mark & Lauren and Paul and Chris and Noah over to help us eat it.

This evening, Ella came home and we visited with Kaleb's family for a while. Then it was bathtime for Kam-man again. Daddy likes to keep things interesting, so we tried out the sink!

We have pretty much decided that as long as he's surrounded by reallllllly warm water, he is going to love his bath.

And now, everyone's asleep except for me, so I think I'm going to try and get settled in now! Hope you've enjoyed this picture-filled update!! It makes up for the missing days, right?


Nancy said...

Oh, yes! This definitely makes up for the missing days! :) I LOVE the pictures...and the stories! :) You and Kaleb definitely have THE cutest kids in the world! I know, I know...I'm a little bit biased. :) Thanks for the update!

Stacie said...

Loved the update. The kids are precious & I love the pics of them sleeping :) Would you care to share the choc. chip cookie recipe?! :)