Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel...

Well, we're not getting married, but our good friends, Leslie and Justin are!!! We had a great time at the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner last night. It was so great to see Les and Justin again, and to meet all their family that we've heard so much about! It was pretty all know that I'm a blog stalker...well, Leslie's sister-in-law, Heather, is one of those blogs that I stalk. She puts up pictures and everything just like I do, so I almost forgot that I hadn't actually met her and her family. So we were talking with her and she was holding Kam and talking to him and she told him she'd seen lots of pictures of him...turns out she's a blog stalker, too!! It was exciting to have a blog stalking reciprocated. I felt so honored! Haha!

Kam had on an adorable outfit from Aunt Katie for the first quarter of the night. See how cute?

Then he had yet another explosion. Have I talked about his explosions on here? He used to space them out, every other day, but lately he is blowing out every single day. Usually I can catch it because he's quite noisy with it=) So I pick him up as soon as I hear him so it can't go up his back. Last night we didn't get it fast was up to his neck. Yuck!! Luckily, I was kind of expecting it so I'd brought a cute layette to change him into. I pack 2 outfits in his diaper bag now...let's just pray he doesn't need them at the wedding today!!!

Here are some pictures I took of Leslie and Justin and then of me and Les. It's strange how I actually forget how much I miss her until I see her!!! We have got to get together when they get back, and do it much more often!

Who is that completely random, definitely not-on-purpose guy behind them?? Awkward!!! Haha=)

The Happy Couple!!!

Oh, quick story to wrap up...I'd gotten these really cute pacis for Kam on Thursday. You have to sterilize them before first use, so, since I'm a good mama, I fixed a pot of boiling water and threw them in it. I did not set a timer. I went about my business feeding Kam (and probably watching something ridiculous on TV) until I heard a hissing sound. It took me a good while to figure out that it was coming from the kitchen...every drop of water had evaporated from the pot and the adorable pacis were melted to the bottom of the pot. Everything was ruined. Here are the poor cute pacis.

Don't worry...I got more=)
Off to dress Kam for the wedding...let's pray he doesn't ruin this outfit!!


Carolyn said...

I love his outfit, he looks so cute and comfortable in his carseat.

Have fun at the wedding!!

Nancy said...

LOVE the picture of Kamden in his precious little "Aunt Katie" outfit. :) And your friend Leslie looks so happy with her man. Hope y'all have a wonderful time at the wedding!!