Friday, July 24, 2009

Goooooooood Mornin', Good Mornin'!

So that is pretty much the only part of that song that I know. I make up the rest of the words. But Kam doesn't fact, I think he pretty much loves it. Here, you be the judge!

He is so happy these days!! Unless he's hungry.
Yesterday was busy! We met Lauren and Paul for lunch at Chik-fil-a and had a great time after I got Kamden hosed off after his massive explosion in his carseat. Man, not to be gross, but that kid is a full-blown man when it comes to pooping. After that we went to the mall for a couple of things then Wal-Mart to get things for supper. Then we went to Kaleb's work, left the cold stuff in the fridge there, and headed off to meet a lady about keeping Kamden once school starts back. We have really been praying that God would lead us to someone that we would trust and it would make it a little less hard to leave him. We found her!!! She is WONDERFUL and we are praising God that we found her!!!
After that we drove out to Orange to look at a house...didn't like it so much...then Kam and I came home to start on supper while Kaleb went to pick up his tux for Les and Justin's wedding tomorrow. While I was feeding Kam and he was on his way home, his parents called to see if we wanted to meet them for supper at La Cantina, the restaurant formerly known as Acapulco, which is our favorite=) So yay I didn't have to cook! We had a great dinner.
I just realized what time it is...I have to go get ready to leave!!! Here's a pimpin' bathtub pic until next time!


The Frausto Family said...

That is a pretty spiffy bath pic! So glad all is well!

Carolyn said...

OMGosh! I Love the bath pic LOL he's even posing... too cute!

Nancy said...

That boy is QUITE the poser! :) SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! And I'm still praising God about the babysitter!!!