Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'Cause You've Got...Personality!

Yesterday was another first for our sweet boy! He and I went to Al's Formalwear to return Kaleb's tux from the wedding. The entire trip there I was trying to figure out how I would carry in his carrier and two tuxes (another guy's) and open the door. I decided the sling was a better option...even though I hated to get him out of the carseat and into the sling just to run some tuxes inside. So we came back out and I was putting him back in his carseat and he was looking at me and holding his head forward. That's a first! I laughed at him and pushed it back onto the headrest in his carseat. He immediately grinned real big and popped right back up!! It was like he was playing a little game with me! It was the cutest thing!!!

We are also noticing that he is CONSTANTLY jabbering if he's awake. And he notices now when he's alone in a room...when it's just us at home during the day, if he's awake in his swing and I step out of his eyesight he starts whimpering...as soon as I talk or show myself he's fine!

He also will pretty much always smile if we coax him even a little...or if he's lying on his back and looking at a fan. What in the world is so funny about fans?? I think every baby in the world is fascinated by them.

Anyway, that's what's going on in the world of Kamden today. It is so fun seeing his little personality come out!

For those of you who are following Baby Stellan, have you seen MckMama's latest Twitters? Here they are from this morning:

Stellan had a good night! He's on enoromous amts of 3 heart drugs & they've finally been keeping him in & OUT of SVT so he's getting breaks.
Stellan is WAY fluid positive, though, and the Lasix (diuretic) hasn't been working, so he's pretty puffy.
He's definitely out of immediate danger since his heart rate is finally slower. Today we work on hammering out details to get him to Boston.
Stellan is still feeling sick (restless, nauseous, itchy, manic) from all his meds, but they're keeping him out of SVT so that's just that.
He's been NPO for over 24hr because they've been on the verge of venting him. No venting in immediate future since he's doing well so: MILK!
Stellan's hemoglobin is still low so he's getting another blood transfusion. Thank you to everyone out there ...

Sounds like things are stabilized right now...let's keep lifting the McKinneys up in prayer!!


Nancy said...

I can hardly wait to see these new little "tricks" of our boy!! :) And we are continuing to pray for little Stellan and his family.

Glenda said...

One of the many wonderful things about being a parent is watching your child take on his/her own personality and respond to you in his/her own sweet way! I'm so glad you're blogging - for us and so that you can look back years from now and read all these special moments.