Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can we talk about this? By the beard of Zeus, HOW did Chikezie go home tonight?! And HOW the heck was Jason Castro in the bottom three??? And Syesha! This just blows my mind. It is a travesty. I was positive that America would vote Ramiele off. Although I am positive that Kristie Lee Cook has been the worst for the last month now, I know that the freaking IDIOTS who "represent" the country music loving Americans are voting for her so she'll stay on. Especially after that stupid song choice last night. My mom and I were talking about where that song took a turn for the worst, and we decided it was about after the first hundred times we heard it 20 freaking years ago. UGH. I'm furious. I cannot understand why Ramiele's still on and NOT EVEN IN THE BOTTOM THREE??? Ridiculous.

I'd like to say that David Cooke's version of Billie Jean was phenomenal last night. I love that he did that. Kind of like when Chris Daughtry did that awesome version of I Walk the Line until I found out that it was really just a cover of Live's version of it, which is where he started to go downhill for me. (I really, really hate him at this point, just to make myself clear.) Anyway, if somebody else did that version of Billie Jean let me know because right now that kid has got TONS of credit from me. I, of course, loved that Michael Johns did Queen and did them proud. Wonderful. Castro...I love him, but this wasn't anything special. He reminded me a lot of Jason Mraz, who I love-a love-a love. I liked Carly's. Love that song. I'm just upset. I can't get over this. I hate American Idol when it turns to this.

My Spring Break is going really well!! My mom came and spent Monday through today with us and we had a lot of fun! We went shopping on Tuesday and took Ella to the park today. I plan on doing as little as possible for my two remaining days of freedom. I'm thinking about getting up for 8 tomorrow to watch Matlock. I am lame, I know this. But Matlock is awesome.

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