Thursday, March 6, 2008


Okay, can we talk about how upset I am that Kristie "I-need-to-pluck-my-eyebrows" Lee Freaking Cook is in the Top 12 and Asia-huh (emphasis on the huh) was sent home tonight?? I really dislike Eyebrows, and I really don't think Asia-huh should've gone home. She almost made me cry when she auditioned right after her dad died OH MY GOODNESS who could do that?? And her voice is oh-so-much better than Brows. BTW, does she remind anyone else of the girl who played Cher in the television version of Clueless? Only, you guessed it, more eyebrows. Her voice kills me.

The other choices tonight were dead on. I applauded that Luke got sent packing. What a wretched voice. I still haven't forgiven him for butchering Queen last week. And speaking of butchering Queen, freaking Kady Malloy got a loud applause for leaving tonight from me as well. Really, Kady? You really thought it'd be a good idea to do any Queen song, especially Who Wants To Live Forever?? For shame. Can I say speaking of Queen again in the same paragraph? Because it's a nice segue* for talking about Dear Danny. I wasn't really a fan, but he was so entertaining to watch. Really. I hated what Chikezie did Tuesday night. I'm not a fan of making girl songs boy songs and vice versa, especially an awesome Jr. High-era Whitney song that I had the tape of and sang to nightly in my room, so I wouldn't have cried to see him go. But he deserves to be there more than Danny.

So I'm only upset about Asia-huh. Brows better be gone next week.

*I love the word segue. I love the way it's spelled, the way it sounds, the way it's not spelled like it sounds...I love it.

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Jennifer T. said...

Um, did you notice how Kady didn't sing a single note on pitch tonight? It was a great testament to the fact that she was, indeed, the right one to go home. She should've stuck to impersonating Britney. And I was glad about both boys, too. Brooke is my favorite girl and I have several favorite boys- Jason, David A, and David C.