Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take me away...

I do not want to be here. But let's talk Idol. (In my mind, I'm hosting The Soup, because I totally just did Joel McHale in my mind and pictured a neat little graphic coming up on the screen with Lou the chihuahua featured in front of a microphone howling.)

I am not upset about David H, but I am pretty surprised. I thought he was horrible, but there were some who did much, much worse AHEM KRISTIE LEE COOK whose eyebrows looked much better this week but who sounded like a yodeling horse getting trampeled. I kept picturing that scene in Superstar where it shows Mary Catherine Gallagher's parents getting trampeled in the square dancing room when the music is going faster and faster. Ugh. Awful. I expected it to be her or Ramiele. They need to go very soon.

In other news, I am super excited to be hosting a dinner party tonight for the Rectors and the Snodgrasses!! Woohoooooo!!!


Jessica W. said...

Hey, I just watched all the idols on u tube from last week, I have got to agree with what you are saying. K.L.C. was awful, with a few others. Jason did really good. Also could I get the recipe of that desert you made on Sat.?

Anonymous said...

So let me apologize about not coming to your dinner party. Mark does not give me ALL the info sometimes or just leaves out crucial details. I was already and very excited to go have dinner at your house (that chicken tortilla soup was sounding awesome) when Mark calls me and says that he cancelled. He made an executive descision that 7:00 was too late for Paul and that since he wasn't able to play golf with the guys he felt awkward coming to dinner. Apparently he guessed that the reason why you guys offered to have us for dinner was because he was playing golf with Kaleb. He informed me hours after he called kaleb. Needless to say I was VERY disappointed. So I am SOOOOO sorry about that. I was VERY mad at Mark for doing that without telling me. I wanted him to call Kaleb back and tell him we were coming, but he didn't feel right about doing that. So we ate sandwiches for dinner, as I was dreaming about your wonderful cooking! Anyways, I enjoy reading your the new pics...enjoy your spring break!!!--Lauren S.