Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's almost here...

Man, Idol was a let-down last night. I really actually loved Castro's Michelle it reminded me a lot of something someone like Sufjan might do. I don't know. I love that kid. Brooke sucked. it. up. Wow. I still love her, but come on. I absolutely loved David Cook's peformance last night. Surprisingly, I disagree with just about everything Simon said...I couldn't believe he spoke so illy of him and Carly, who I also thoroughly enjoyed.

My girl finally went home on Biggest Loser. Sad, sad, sad. But you knew it was gonna be here...she doesn't pull big numbers very often. How hot did the girls look????? Ali is just fantastic, but the one who really surprised me was Kelly!!! Who knew she could be so pretty??? I was very impressed by her makeover. And I just want my body to look like Ali's. That's all. Okay my ultimate goal is 10 pounds below what she is right now, but if I just could be at what she's at now? Jeeeeeeeez. Mark is really starting to annoy me, and so is Jillian. What was her deal last week? How are you gonna cuss out Alison Sweeney?? I have always hated Sami, but still. That was a little harsh.

I am so pumped about tomorrow!! Only a half day of school and then I get to see my family for a few days!!! I haven't seen them in 3 weeks, which is a realllllly long time for me. And we're staying for a few days when normally we could only stay for a few hours since we had to be back for church, so I am just really, really excited about this weekend!!!

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