Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I stand (or sit) unimpressed

By Idol, that is. Biggest Loser is another story.

I was really excite that they were singing fom the Lennon/McCartney songbook tonight, but honestly my favorites didn't really blow me away. I loved Brooke's, but the others...I don't know. Maybe it was because I was trying to flip between that and BL, but I just wasn't feeling it tonight. I do still love Castro. OH and Chikezie had my favorite performance of the night. I mean c'mon. Banjos that lead into a funky rocky song??? That was genius and I loved it!!!

Ramielle needs to go home. And David H. And probably still Eyebrows, but I didn't hear her tonight.

I'd rather talk about Biggest Loser: Couples, where the people who were eliminate got to come back. HOLY COW did any of you see this?? Did you see how freaking amazing Ali looked??? How the heck do you lose 64 pounds in 10 weeks?? I don't get it, but she looks fabulous and makes me really jealous. I can't wait til I get down that low!! And then lower!!!

I've had a workshop today and I'll be there again tomorrow. It's nice to be away, but I watched the video of my kids today (I set up a camera in plain sight that they know about because they act like complete hellions when I leave) and I got really upset with them. I am appalled at their behavior and their lack of respect. They are going to get it on Thursday. And the ones who are there when I go before my workshop in the morning will get it tomorrow. It's ridiculous, and I cannot wait until some of their parents see how they behaved. They have 1 chance to redeem themselves tomorrow and then I'm making phone calls.

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Leslie said...

Bible study sucked. We've all be in and out the past 2 weeks so we didn't even go over the week I just spent my entire conference period cramming for. Geez. Oh, and I threatened (sp?)the kids that you were going to show the video to their parents. Maybe you could add that in your threats to them tomrrow.