Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Year of My Life

I honestly cannot believe that an entire year has passed since I married the man of my dreams! It has flown by, and I truly hope that the whole "first year is the hardest" thing is true because it's been awesome! I can't believe we've lived in Beaumont for a year. It seems like a few weeks ago that we got married, and here we are celebrating a year! Getting settled into this wonderful life has been fantastic. I'm learning so much about my amazing husband, and I'm still loving every minute of it. I'm so proud of the strong Christian leader he's becoming for our family. He is more than I ever dreamt I'd find in a husband, and I am so glad that God blessed me with him.

Tonight we're having a romantic dinner at Suga's and then coming home to try our thawed out wedding cake top! I'll let you know how that goes. I wish we weren't working today...I can't stop daydreaming about a year ago!! And I wish, more than anything, that we were leaving for Riviera Maya tomorrow!!!

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Leslie said...

Congratulations on making a year! You've almost survived elections too. I think that first picture is so adorable.