Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am Ready

I love that song. Adam Duritz is a true genius, and my favorite songwriter of all time.

Anyway, I AM SO READY for Spring Break. Actually, just for Thursday. Once Thursday is here I think I'll be okay. My kids are ridiculous, my 5th graders don't seem to care that we've got 7 hours together to do everything we need for them to pass TAKs on April 8, and that is driving me crazy. How do you not care that you might fail the 5th grade?? They frustrate me to no end. Thursday cannot come soon enough.

I'm ready to not have these kids, to get away from Beaumont, and to see my family!!!!! It has been way too long. Come on, Thursday, hurry fast!

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Leslie said...

Why does it feel like we are the only people left in the world who have not had their spring break yet? Only 24 more hours and we'll be free.