Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was afraid I'd have to post a retraction to my raves about David Cooke's "brilliant" rendition of "Billie Jean." Here it is. It's Chris Cornell's version of the song!!! Apparently Seacrest said that when he introduced it, which I missed because I came in to the first notes of the song and not the introduction. So David C. has dropped tremendously in my book and is now on the same page as Daughtry, which is not a good page to be on in the book. It's the same page as Nickelback and Creed. Yes, that one. I'm sorry for being so excited. I am really disappointed in it, mainly because he seemed to be trying to pass it off as his own version judging by the lack of credit he gave to Cornell when the judges were raving about it. Ugh. So that's one dropped from my list of favorites. I am excited about tonight, though! It's Dolly Parton week! And whether you like her or not, you must admit that she's a tremendous songwriter.

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