Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Idol Talk

Oh, I love puns.

So the tables have turned for me this week. This might be the only time you'll ever hear (read) me say this, but KLC actually did really well tonight! Wow. I'm not gonna lie; I couldn't find anything wrong with her performance. Good job.

Jason's was my favorite, by far. What a smart choice for him! I love Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of this song LOVE IT and I think Jason's performance was flawless. He is back, thank God!!!

I also loved little David Archuleta's performance. A nice little Robbie Williams that I have always thought was a little hokie, but he did it really well.

Brooke's was good. Nothing super awesome.

Michael Johns...it started out really well. Love "Dream On." Actually, I'm watching it right now and I'd just said to Kaleb, "I like this...this is good..." and then he goes into that totally not-up-to-Tyler-par falsetto that just sounded kind of like a wounded bird. Or cat. Or a catbird? And Paula's complementing him with her chihuahuas joining him? Wouldn't that be bad?

Here's who SUCKED. Carly. When are these folks going to learn that if you can't do a Queen song well you shouldn't do it at all?? I love that song, but a) I've never thought of it as inspirational and b) she slaughtered it! Her runs were off, she screeched it, and she just stunk that stage up. She's lost some props from me.

I wasn't impressed with Syesha, mainly because she was way off pitch...that girl was all over the place. She has a pretty tone, but her pitch killed her tonight. I'd guess that she'd go home. Are they doing that this year though? Last year they didn't send anyone home for the Idol Gives Back night.

And David Cook...I really loathed his song choice. It was ridiculous and I had no love for him tonight either.

So...Syesha can go home. And Jason was absolutely perfect.


Jessica W. said...

I am glad you gave the run down, we missed it last night :( I wanted to watch it but I guess a home for us is more important. The search continues.

Jennifer T. said...

Well...here's my two cents. I agree on Jason. He was great. He actually messed up his words several times, and I was afraid they'd say something, but I guess everyone was too mesmerised with his ukelele playing. :) He still sang words that are in the song, just in the wrong order-messing up the rhyme. Maybe that's how Mr. Hawaii sings it, but I know that's not Dorothy's way. :) Also, David Cook sucked. I don't know what posessed him to do that song. Just because it's inspirational and by your favorite band doesn't mean you should sing it. Ugh. David Archuleta- yes. Kristy Lee Cook- yes. (Did I really just say that?) I've never liked Carly, so I'm glad she stank it up. Brooke, unfortunately, doesn't have much time left. She hasn't done well the past couple weeks and she's kind of starting to get annoying. I'm interested to see what happens tonight. I don't think there's a clear cut loser.