Sunday, August 9, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Aren't they adorable??

Today we went to Ella's second and Kamden's first baseball game! In case you're wondering why Kam's eyes are so big, it's because we were thisclose to the field!!
I was more than a little nervous...and it didn't help that Kaleb kept saying, "Now, Jenni, you have to actually watch the game when we're sitting this close...okay, watch this guy...okay this guy can hit watch out..." So I spent the first couple innings paranoid that we were going to get smashed in the face by a baseball!

Luckily for all of us, that didn't happen! We did, however, get a really cute new family picture=)
Both kids fell asleep at some point during the game...
And Kam woke up in a much better mood! Ella wasn't in a bad mood to begin with.
And I added another location to my Weird Places I've Nursed list!
Hey, when a baby's gotta eat, a baby's gotta eat!! I am saving every drop of milk I've pumped for when school starts. So far I only have 3 5 oz bags!!! I have one week!!! That's not even enough for one day! I gotta get pumpin'...
I am dreading tomorrow because it's the beginning of my last week at home. It kind of hit me today and I started worrying not about how I will handle it but about how Kamden will. He seriously has not been away from me for more than 2-3 hours in his life. So now I'm worried...will he think I abandoned him? What will he do for 8 hours with a complete stranger?? Will the stranger ever e-mail or text me back confirming that she does, indeed, have a spot for him still? (I'm calling her tomorrow to check up on that.) Anyway, I can feel myself falling into the worry stages and I so hate to be there and I know that God so does not want me please help me pray that I can just trust that He makes all things good, even going back to work after you have a new baby!
Now, I am also looking forward tomorrow because my mom's coming to visit for a few days!! It'll be her last trip down here before school starts for us both, and I am really excited about spending time with her! Plus, we'll get to show her "our new house??"! We are under's funny, we texted the seller to see what we were supposed to do next and he asked us the same thing. Oh, dear.


Nancy said...

Those two Breaux children are THE most adorable children I've ever seen!! Have I said that before? :) And their parents are pretty darned cute too! :) As usual, I love the pictures and the story. :) And I have not yet forgotten how terrible it felt to leave my babies...first you and then Katie...while I went to work. :( I'm one of the few people I knew at the time who was actually glad when my child started made it a lot easier to go to work, knowing that I couldn't be with you even if I had stayed home. I know...weird rationalization...and it didn't work completely unti my other baby also started school. :) I wish there was some way that you could stay home with Kam until he starts school but...reality tends to make us do things we don't want to do. :( I am REALLY looking forward to getting to stay with y'all, though!!! We will just push this sadness to the back of our minds and think about it "another day," right? :) I love you!

The Frausto Family said...

What an awesome night! You all look so good!

I'm going back to teaching in a couple weeks too.. I TOTALLY feel your pain. Hang in there - Kam will know, when all is said and done, how much his Mommy adores him.

Western Family said...

It is so hard to go back to work after the 1st child. But I have to tell you that when he starts showing joy and excitment when you pick him up from daycare, you forget how sad you were. My hubby stills get giddy when he picks Tanner up and he comes running to the door with excitement. They grow very fast so enjoy every minute. Cute Astros pictures also. We found out that if you hang out in the kids area after the game starts you will almost always run into Junction Jack and get some great pictures with him.

Leslie said...

Look at you with your cute blog design! I'm so impressed! I wish I knew how to do it so I could just change stuff whenever I want.

You do have 2 of the cutest kids ever on here. The picture of you nursing cracked me up. You gotta do what you gotta do. Hope to see you guys soon!

Carolyn said...

Such beautiful pics!!

Justin Randolph said...

cute kids guys!