Monday, August 17, 2009

School Schmool

This weekend flew by! We went up to Many for a Lowe Family Reunion and then brought Ella back. Man, that was hard. We know that she is going to love school, though...and I think she'll be doing Dance, too!! She is CRAZY about taking Dance lessons like her Cay-Cay, so I can't wait to see what she learns! Speaking of Ella, I just have to share this picture of her dressing up in Caitlin's clothes the other night...
Haha!!! That is actually one of Caitlin's dresses that she wears now...our girl has graduated from regular old dress-up clothes!

The reunion was a lot of fun...we got a chance to see some people I hadn't seen in...well, I can't remember when...and this was Kaleb's first reunion on my side. I think he didn't think it was too, too bad. Ella really enjoyed herself...she got to play with "The Brown Kids"!!
I kind of just have some random pictures...after the reunion we rode over to Bossier and killed some time at Ellis Pottery. Did you ever wonder if two Breaux kids could fit into the FRONT part of a buggy?

Well, wonder no more. They stayed like this for a good 5 minutes...then Ella was quite over it=) It was a little cramped.
Today was my first day back to school, and it wasn't bad at all!! It helped that a) we had an interesting workshop on ESL this afternoon and b) I know that Kam was in very good hands! He and Aunt Jewel had a good day here...and I basically just spent the day (when I wasn't thinking about school) pumping every chance I got and just being excited to see him this afternoon!! Tomorrow we have a Math Workshop with the fabulous Kay Olds, so I'm not dreading that either. And the rest of the week I get to tackle organizing my classroom. I stocked up on binders and sheet protectors....oh, it's gonna be fun!!
Today went well, but I sure do miss my wonderful husband...he's in Austin for a work conference. I think it's the first time I've stayed here without him. I cannot WAIT for him to come home on Wednesday!!!
So how about a nice, feel good picture before we go...I don't know how you can look at this and not smile!
Ah, if only he can always love getting clean this much!!
Oh, and I almost forgot...Check this out!


Leslie said...

That video was so sweet! He's such a happy boy. I've been praying for you as you go back to school. I hope that you have a wonderful year. You are doing so much good in that place. They are lucky to have you!

Nancy said...

LOVE the video!!! I just can't stop watching it! :) And of course, I LOVE all the other pictures too. Those Breaux kids...cutest kids ever!!!