Sunday, August 2, 2009

VBS, Trips, Sing-a-Longs, and Apparating

VBS was a lot of fun, but I am glad it's over! It threw Kam off our evening schedule, which also threw off his day schedule, and we were busy trying to get things moving on the house I posted about before. We've talked to our lender and to the seller and we think we've come up with a number we're all happy seems like God is totally taking control of the situation, which is exactly what we were praying He'd do! He's pretty awesome like that=)

So during VBS I mentioned I had the babies...we all had a blast! Remember how I was trying to explain that little thing Kam was so content sitting in?

There it is! Can any of you tell me what it's real name is? We have a Babies R Us gift card to use, and I am pretty positive this is what it'll go for! He sure did love that thing.

After VBS Friday night, we headed off to Many. We got Ella at 10:30 Saturday morning and a friend from high school who takes amazing pictures came to do Ella & Kam's pictures!!! I was sooooooo excited that we were able to get her. You have got to check out her stuff!! We cannot wait to see the pictures!! (But we will wait patiently, Gen, while you work your extra magic=) )

After the pictures, my dad boiled some delicious shrimp...then Ella wanted to have a Disney Sing-along (I have been debating about whether it's sing-along or sing-a-long. I think on videos we have it's Sing-a-long, but why? Along is a word. Sing along. Sing-along. Anyway, I don't like the way Sing-along looks, so I compromised and used both hyphenations, one in the title and one here. and now you know just how much I dwell on grammar.).
I would've taken a video of that, but we were all singing know. She wanted to revisit Disney songs on the ride home, though, and I DID get a couple videos of that. I'm working on getting them uploaded but that seems to be a major feat so just be patient with me as I try to be patient with my computer!

After Many, we headed down to Starks to visit with the Breauxs, Renfrows, an Edgar, and a couple Colemans. We also got to see some of Kaleb's dad's family that we hadn't seen in forever, so that was nice! We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time at the Breauxs' house, so tomorrow after church we are heading back for an afternoon filled with great company, great food, and a great pool=) I know there will be pool volleyball...y'all pray for a sista! I am so athletically challenged, yes, even in the pool. I hate to embarrass my family! I guarantee that I will always cause my team to lose, though. Sigh. Maybe one day I'll get some coordination! =)

On that note, it is 1:14 a.m. and we have to be up at 7:30 to get ourselves and our wonderful children ready for Sunday School by 9:45! Sunday mornings growing up were always hectic, and I am very quickly realizing why. I leave you with a beautiful picture of a beautiful girl with a beautiful flower...
I sure do love this girl!

Oh, one more thing. On the way home tonight, 2 street lights went out as we were driving by, and I spent the rest of the ride home trying to figure out why in the world anyone would want to apparate to Port Arthur, TX!!! (If any of you are Harry Potter fans, you will get this.)


The Frausto Family said...

We want one of those...activity chairs? Don't know what it's called either! But we want one!

Carolyn said...

I think it's called an excersaucer... Not to sure though.

Kam is so cute, I love his chubby little legs =)

Stacie said...

So cute. We have an exersaucer but I thought Alyssa was too little to sit in it. I'll have to give it a try. Here's a link to one that Babies R Us sells.

Nancy said...

Sorry...can't help you with that "modern" baby toy! :) But I LOVE the pictures...and the narrative. :) And now that I finally got a chance to consult with "Harry Potter fan" Katie, I understand your last paragraph. :)
Keep us posted on the house!!!