Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing Picture Catch-Up & Conquering Motion

Alright! The Breauxs came over for dinner and to help us fill out our house contract tonight, so the camera is back! First, let's catch up from this weekend...

The whole family got into the pool before the volleyball began. Kamden seemed to enjoy it. It's cooler than his bath water, but he still seemed quite content. Do you know they don't make Little Swimmers for 3 month olds? Haha...maybe that's supposed to tell us something.

One of the highlights of this day was the fact that Pawpaw taught Ella how to swim! She is pretty terrified of putting her face in the water, but he bought her some goggles and now you can't get her to take her face out! She puts her head down and swims. I guess her main thing was having her nose in the water. Now we just need to perfect the art of kicking out instead of down in the water=)

Here she is in all her gear. Can you tell how much she loves this pool?

We finally got a picture of Mema with her grandkids! Once again, Kam is the only one not looking at the camera. Come on, kid, you are killin' me here!

We also were able to get a picture of Pawpaw with his kiddos! I think they were watching Willy Wonka. Can I just say that Kamden loves Willy Wonka? And yesterday we discovered he loves Chicken Little, too. He thought it was so funny!
Last picture of the day, Artsy Ella took this great Rule of Thirds picture! We haven't even sent her to photography school yet. A prodigy, I'm sure. =)

As always, there are many more pictures up on Facebook.
Now let's talk about today and the second half of my title. Conquering Motion. Today I put Kam down for some tummy time on his little play-mat. The kid scooted until his head was completely off it! More than once!! He was also trying realllly hard to turn over from his back to his belly. He'd get everything turned except for his top leg. It just wouldn't cooperate! Anyway, I was just thrilled that he scooted!!! So Kaleb comes home and Ella and I have been talking up this scooting business. He puts Kam on the floor on his tummy to see him scoot and the boy rolls over. This is the first time we've seen this. We were so excited!!! He did it again, so we got it on video, but it's on Hi-8 so I can't put it on here. Hopefully we will catch it again soon. I still have to share our sing-a-long video. Man, I've got a lot of bandwidth to burn!

Tomorrow morning we are going to take our first trip to the park! Hopefully, everyone complies. Ella asked about going to the park today, so I was toying with the idea of going tomorrow. Then, she had a major, and I do mean major meltdown because she wanted to go home with Mema, Pawpaw, and Cay-Cay. Before you start thinking we are awful parents, the plan was for her to stay the night with them Friday and Saturday night...they're driving to Houston for an Astros game Saturday evening and then we are meeting them for the Astros game on Sunday. I have never seen her fight as hard as she did tonight...it didn't help that she was tired and it was 10:30. Anyway, I decided the park would be an excellent distractor...only it wasn't...but I still want to go.

I haven't talked about this on here, but this is our last visit with Ella before she starts school. We've avoided it as long as we could, but it's here, and it hurts. I had a mini-meltdown myself last night when she told me she wouldn't be able to see us as long when she started school. I guess I didn't realize she knew. I just cannot begin to think what we are going to do without her here. We don't know when we will get her or anything...and that's probably what's bothering me the most. The fact that after we bring her back this time, we don't know how long it'll be before we see her again. I should probably stop talking about it because I'll be a blubbery mess again...I just want to do everything possible to make this last time a fun one for her. Please pray for all of us...it's going to be a very big, very hard adjustment for us all. We really do feel that the Lord has called us to stay here for a while. I know He must know what He's doing. We just have to trust that he is going to work it all out. You know, like that Tom Petty song? It'll all work out...


Nancy said...

Okay, now I'm crying. :( This is such a bittersweet post! LOVE the pictures, but I guess I had just pushed the fact that if my school is starting in a few weeks, Ella's probably will be too...so this is the beginning of the end of getting to see Ella every other weekend. But you are right...God ALWAYS knows what He's doing...and things WILL work out! I LOVE the pictures!! Glad you got your camera back! :)

Nancy said...

Oh!!! And the sad ending of this post made me completely forget the EXCITING beginning!!!! YAY, KAM!!! I could tell this weekend that he was VERY close to rolling over! Can't wait to see the video!!!

Glenda said...

I'll be praying for all of you, Jenni! This poem came to my mind after I read your post(actually a song):

God is too wise to be mistaken
too good to be unkind
when you don't understand
when you can't see His hand
trust His heart

Kam and Ella are so precious!

Glenda said...

Oops! I meant to put the words "actually a song" after the word "poem" - but your post could be a song, too, I guess!!!

Rebecca W. said...

Kaleb told me about this sight to keep up with you guys.

Please know that even though Ella is starting school and will be up here a lot, you guys are always welcome. You know I will try my best to make sure that Ella sees you guys as much as possible. She loves you and Kaleb and all the extended family so much that I will try to make sure she know's she is loved dearly by all of you.