Monday, August 3, 2009

(No) More Than Words

Sunday turned out to be SO much fun!!! I was able to enjoy the pool without completely embarrassing myself at pool volleyball=)

This is going to be a boring post, I'll just warn y'all now! I got some wonderful pictures yesterday, but (and it's a big but) I left the camera at the Breauxs' house!!! I got a sinking feeling halfway home last night, but it was way too late to turn around. You know that feeling when you don't have a cell phone? That is suddenly how I've become without a camera. I mean, what if some amazing photo opportunity presents itself? What if Kam rolls over?? What if Ella starts talking to him and he actually starts jabbering back to her??? Nothing to capture it with. And what makes it worse is that tomorrow Kam will officially be 4 months! And how in the world can we set up a cute little photo set in the crib with the little sign with nothing to capture it with?! If I've learned anything it's just how much I rely on that thing. To be perfectly honest, I'd planned to postpone all blogging until we got it back, but I just can't do that. So I've been told=)

Just be ready when it is are gonna get more pictures than you ever thought you wanted to see!

Today was a pretty good one...the kiddos were fabulous this morning...I was able to get some laundry folded, the dishwasher unloaded, breakfast dishes actually washed before lunch, straightened and vaccuumed the house...and we still had time to get groceries before meeting Kaleb to meet with our seller. Ella has been absolutely perfect all day. Our dear Kamden...well, let's just say he has, ah, voiced his opinion a lot. I sing the praises of the sling and its saves all our lives on grocery day. He usually sleeps the whole trip. But today was just plain bad timing. I'd fed him at 1, then I had to get ready and get Ella ready and by the time we left the house it was already 2:30. Mistake #1. I knew that he'd be hungry around 3, which was also right around the time I'd be grocery shopping, but there was no alternative. So, off we went. He did sleep in the sling for the shopping part of the trip...then the checking-out time came at 3:25 and he woke up with the hunger of a lion and the voice of one. I guess. He let the entire store know how he felt...he somehow finagled himself half out of the sling...the sweet check-out lady actually unloaded my buggy for me! That was a huge lifesaver. He finally calmed down enough to get back in the sling facing out...and we made it to the car before the screams started again. Our sweet Ella, on the other hand, was an absolute angel!!! She didn't even ask to get a toy or anything! This is a first. She packed her "fancy toys" in her "fancy purse" for the trip.

After we got Kamden fed, we headed to Bridge City to let Ella see the house and to go over the contract with the seller. Ella loved the house! She ran laps around the living room while the grownups quickly came to the realization that none of us had a clue about contracts and reading them and filling them out. Luckily, we've got friends in...I can't think of anything witty to insert here that'd let you know I was singing "I've Got Friends in Low Places"...anyway, Kaleb works with a couple ladies who are going to take a look at it for us tomorrow! So, contract should be done tomorrow, take it to the seller Wednesday, turn it over to the Title company, and get this thing going! It is so very exciting to think about being in our own home! I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up in case something falls through....but, man, it sure is hard!

Tomorrow I have a goal...and that goal is to have clean bathrooms! So, hopefully the kiddos (namely, Kam) will comply and let me do my thang.

Note: The song alluded to in the title of this post is my all-time favorite Monster Ballad. EVER.


Glenda said...

I know the feeling of not having a camera when you need it! Can you become addicted to taking photos?? I think so!! Your pics are always so cute. A picture IS worth a thousand words!!

Hope everything works out for y'all and you're soon in your new home! That's so exciting!

Nancy said...

I didn't even check your blog yesterday because you told me that you absolutely could not blog without a camera. :) So I actually read Tuesday's blog first. And then as I was blubbering through the end of it, I saw...wait! "(No) More Than Words" Wait a minute! I've heard that song "More Than Words," (it is now running through my head, thank-you-very-much!), but I haven't read that blog! :) LOVED it! So glad that you have at least one child who behaved for you in the store. :) Kam is just paying you back for times that you did the same thing to me in the stores! :)