Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I will detail our day later on in this post, but at one point we stopped by Kaleb's work to go over some papers that I needed to sign. Ella had the camera and was taking pictures. We had no idea what she was taking pictures of...until we looked at them tonight. Here are just a few of the jewels she captured:

I have no idea who Ella's seen do this. Definitely not her step-mama. No way. Not me! We have laughed so hard at these!!! I especially love how big her eyes are in all of them. She is so funny!!

So, today was park day! Kam and I got up at 8 to get ready and let Ella sleep til 9. We made it to the park around 10:30...and stayed all of 30 minutes! It was ridiculously hot, but we still got some cute pictures!
Ella played and Kamden sat there...this was his first time out in the stroller and not in the carseat. It was just too hot and he was soaking through his clothes with the sweat. So, time for the front facing stroller rides! He is such a big boy!
Okay, so it's not much for head support...but it's gotta be much cooler!!

Kam is totally calling a Time-Out here. I just didn't catch it until I uploaded the pictures. Too little, too late.

At one point in the park excursion, I'd gone to the car to put up his carseat and left Kam and Ella at the park entrance. I turned around to see Ella quickly walking away from Kam with a duck very close behind. It had taken a special interest in our girl...and she was especially interested in getting away from it!=) I must say, it did get a little too close for comfort...

After half an hour of baking in the sun, Ella was ready to leave. I hated to just go home since I'd built up the park trip so much, so I suggested we go play at the mall instead of going back to the house. She liked that idea=) She had a blast there...and it felt oh-so-much better!

Did you know our girl is very close to perfecting Hop-scotch?

She had a great time playing...and Kam actually had a great time watching! At one point he was straightening out like he was trying to push himself off of me to get down and get at 'em! This was the first mall trip where he didn't scream. Yay!!!

As always, there are a ton more pictures from today on Facebook...hopefully we'll get around to 4 month pictures tomorrow. And we're meeting for our weekly Chik-Fil-A meal again, so I am going to try and remember to get pictures of that, too. Oh, and I will be singing the glories of the Bumbo seat. Wait for it...

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Nancy said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful day!! LOVE Ella's self-portraits! :) I'm really looking forward to coming down next week!!!