Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pregnancy Makes Me Crafty!

So the nesting bug has chomped down on my pretty hard! And it's made me want to make all sorts of things! I can't paint Kamden's letters for his room until the bedding comes in, so while I'm waiting I wanted to start something else. I've wanted to get Ella one of those cute hairbow holders for a while now, but didn't feel like paying $20-$30. So I decided I should try it myself! I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday (and they were having a sale on all their wooden decor AND ribbons by the roll!) and bought paint, a big white "E," ribbon, round paint brushes, and fabric glue. Last night and tonight I cranked this out:

In my defense, it only took 2 nights because I started at 10 last night and only had time to put a couple coats of pink paint on the E! I am so proud of this!!!

I am also quite proud of our bargain tonight. I looked everywhere for what I wanted to do with Kam's name and Kaleb and I really fell for this:

I wanted to make sure the colors matched his bedding, so I decided to get them unfinished from this website. For the unfinished letters, the unfinished 6x6 frames, and the unfinished backs it was going to be $13.50/letters, which was $80 without shipping or paint. I thought this was a pretty good price (we wanted a font other than Times New Roman or Curlz) and was prepared to pay it. However, today I realized if I just bought the letters from the company, the total for the letters would be $17, and I was hoping I could find some unfinished wooden frames somewhere to fit them. So I got Kaleb to meet me at Michael's after work. Oh man! Not only did they have unfinished wooden frames for A DOLLAR, they also had the perfect sized letters in what looks like the Whimsical font for $1.24!!! We also got really thin wood for the backing for $1/each, and brackets to hang them with. And wood glue. All this, plus a little toy for Ella, for $36!!! Are you KIDDING me??? I know we didn't buy paint yet, but that won't be more than $5. So we are doing this project for less than half the price when you factor in shipping, and we still would've had to buy paint with those other letters!!! I am SO excited!!!!! Now we just have to wait for the bedding to come in and I can get started on his little letters. Awww! Here are the unfinished letters in their unfinished frames:
The frames and letters will be chocolate brown and the backboards (not pictured) will be the light blue of his bedding. Ah!!! I can hardly wait!!!


Nancy said...

How cute! And are those my sweet Ella's pretty toes in the picture? I MISS her!!!!! I can't wait to see your finished product for Kamden! You may have missed your calling, girl! :)

Leslie said...

Soooooo cute!!! I can't wait to see Kamden's name too! That font is precious. I love being crafty! I found a way I want to do our last name to display once we're married. I'll have to send it to you.