Friday, February 20, 2009

Growing Pains

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time. I have had a re-he-heeeeeeeeeallllly easy pregnancy thus far. Earlier this week, my hips decided they don't want to be quite so buddy-buddy anymore and are going their separate ways. That's resulted in some pains in the nether regions that I wasn't expecting so soon. Technically, I am in my 3rd trimester, though, so I guess it was time! I am 28 wks 5 days today (WOW), and we decided it was time to take some new belly pics last night. Kaleb decided to get all artsy fartsy with it. I put the ones I approved up on facebook, but I'll give a couple here just to show the enormity that is my belly:

And it still has 12 weeks to grow?? Holy cow.
This weekend is going to be fun and tiring! Tonight, we start a Faith Promise weekend at church and have a service at 6:30, then we're driving to Many for the night. Tomorrow, we'll pick up Ella at 2 in Natchitoches, then drive to Pineville for Jamie and Joshua's wedding!!! I am really looking forward to being a part of their special day and seeing all my college friends!! And I am SO excited that I get to show off Kaleb and Ella=) Then, after the wedding, we're heading back to Beaumont so that we can be at church Sunday morning for the last Faith Promise service, dinner on the grounds, and then we'll head over to Starks for the afternoon/evening. I better get my lesson plans done today! I will have zero free time to do them this weekend. Not only am I counting down the weeks til Kam gets here...that also marks the end of my teaching year=) 12 more weeks! I can do this!!

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