Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Down with the Sickness.

This week started with a sore throat. It's Thursday, and my sore throat has progressed to a stuffy nose that doesn't let me breathe with my mouth closed or taste the yummy (I guess) broccoli and cheese soup I'd been wanting for days from Jason's. And a cough. How did I catch it from my students and not my husband when he had it weeks ago?? It makes no sense to me. Hopefully this is as far as it goes, though. I can't take anything and I can't afford to miss any school at all, so I need to stay healthy!

Kamden is making himself known in a big way...he's running out of room in my belly (which seems impossible if you've seen me and know how big it is!) and his crazy kickboxing antics make it look like I've got an alien in my stomach trying to come out! It's a lot of fun, and I am pumped that I can finally refer to him as my Little Nudger! (See: Breaking Dawn.)

My mom informed me that the crib they ordered for us came in today!! This is soooooo exciting. The really fun part will be to see my dad and husband put it together in a few weeks. That should be something.

Kamden is literally slamdancing right now. I keep trying to catch it on video, but he only does it when I'm preoccupied. I guess they start that early!

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