Tuesday, April 21, 2009

37 Weeks!

The weekend was a lot of fun...we went to Houston with Kaleb's family to Ella's first Astros game and it was so much fun!!! I had 3 contractions during the game and we were a little anxious, but they were still sporadic so we stuck it out. So glad we did...they actually won! Amazing. Sunday was a great time with friends after church--we had dinner with our Sunday School class--and then we watched Fireproof at church Sunday night to jumpstart our HomeBuilders small groups that will begin this Sunday. I'm really excited about this!!

This week has alredy been rough starting out. This morning I hurt so badly I thought my hip was going to swing out of joint. I walked with a limp the entire morning. By the afternoon it was much better, though. We had our 37 week appointment today! I was realllllllly hoping for some dilation, but I'd prepared myself for it to be nothing. We were in luck, though! I'm dilated 2 cm and I'm 60% effaced! Woohoooooooo!! Kamden's head is still pretty high, though, so my doctor doesn't think I'll go this week although he said anything could happen. I think our parents are going to help us out in getting Ella back to her mom's this weekend. I don't think it'd be wise for me to make the trip, and I don't want Kaleb to be 3 hours away if Kam decides to come! I definitely don't think we'll make it to 40 weeks. I think we'll do remarkably well to make it through TAKS next week, which is my main goal. I guess we will see what happens! Just so glad to be making some progress!!!

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Nancy said...

Exciting news!!!!! So our goal is to make it through TAKS week. :) I say, Kamden, baby, whenever you're ready, COME ON OUT and meet the folks!!! :)