Wednesday, April 15, 2009

36 Weeks Down...

This past weekend I hit 36 weeks!!'s happened so fast, and now it's going sooooooooo slow!!! This weekend was pretty wonderful. Friday we headed to Kaleb's parents for the annual Good Friday/Clair's Birthday Crawfish Boil! It was sooooooo good. So good, in fact, that I ended up sleeping the entire afternoon after we ate!! I felt so bad, but I apparently really needed the rest. Then we headed back to Port Arthur for a Good Friday service at our church, which was great. I got to be lazy all day Saturday AND have a date with my sweet husband that evening. Sunday we had a great Easter church service and with my in-laws for Easter dinner and an afternoon of naps, stuffed bellies, and the Masters. Then my mom and Ella arrived (she picked her up for us since it was her mom's turn to have her for Easter and so that we wouldn't have to make the 6 hour trip in a day again!) and we all played and ate some more and just spent some good time together! My mom has Spring Break this week, so she was able to stay with us through yesterday, which was SO nice. Kaleb and I loved having her there, and Ella squeezed every second of play she could out of her Nan while she was here!!

Monday we had a Staff Development half day and then we all went over to one of the teachers' houses here where they threw me my final baby shower! It was SO nice!!! We have officially gotten just about everything we need!! And what we didn't get, we got a ton of gift cards for!! We are just so amazed at how much God has blessed us through our friends and family. Kam is one loved kiddo and he's not even here yet!!

Tuesday I had my 36 week doctor's appointment, and I was realllllllllllly hoping he would check me, but he didn't. Apparently those will start at my appointment next week. Sigh. I want to know if I'm making progress here!! He feels super low with the pressure he's putting on my lower abdomen and my back. I had quite a few contractions Monday evening, but they were sporadic so we are assuming they were just Braxton Hicks. At least I'm having some now! That's gotta mean we're getting somewhere!

He belly dances almost constantly now. Poor thing must be getting so very squished in there! Although as huge as my belly's gotten it sure seems there should be plenty of room to me! I'll have to take some updated belly pics this week. I want to compare. Everyone says I've dropped, and it definitely feels like I have, but I want to SEE it, you know?

I'm on a message board with some other ladies who are due in May (Hey, girls from the board who read this!! Think it's just Stacie and Carolyn!) and 6 girls have already had their babies!!! Granted, two of them had twins, two had complications with blood pressure and one with her appendix rupturing, but one of them just flat out went into labor!! Another is being induced on Monday and another a week from Friday. This all just blows my mind!! It's getting so close. I'm having some MAJOR nesting urges. Kamden's hospital bag is packed. I'm going to get mine together this week since I finally have everything for it. I've gotten this big urge to get organized, too, in every room in the house and just throw out stuff we don't need anymore. Also, I have started making a million lists...including trying to think of things we can buy ahead of time and freeze for meals. I want to make up several dishes to have in the freezer so we won't be so tempted to eat out once Kam is here. See what I mean? Major nesting. I read this means labor is SO CLOSE. I wonder if I'm pushing it. Ha!

This is long and rambly and random. No pictures because I'm at school again. Next time!!

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Nancy said...

Feather that nest, little chick! Won't be long now!! :) I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with y'all this week. You're the hostess with the mostest! And I don't say that just because you bought Hostess cupcakes just for me! :) Love you!