Monday, February 11, 2008


I took my PPR today to be certified in Texas. Finally! I mean I think I still have to pay them more money to get my full certification, but at least I'm done shelling out $117 per test! And maybe now that I don't just have a temporary certificate I won't have to explain to retards when I interview that, yes, it is a real certificate, and they might hire me. Not that I'm leaving Ehrhart or's just nice to know that there's nothing holding me back from being officially certified in Texas.

I had a wonderful weekend with my amazing husband. It had been forever since we'd been able to just spend some QT together, so we made the most of it. And I got to have sushi Saturday night! I even splurged on a Crunch Roll because I'd worked out for 1.5 hours that day. We joined our church yesterday, which was also a fun thing to do together. We feel committed now, like we're a real part of it, even though we might not be here for many more years. Ah, well. We'll see how that goes.

I'm so excited to have the rest of the day off!

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Leslie said...

Definitely missed you today. Getting certified is another one of those college-like things. They suck money out of you in any way possible. Welcome to the great state of Tejas. We need to hang out sometime this week too.