Monday, February 14, 2011


So I ALWAYS make resolutions, but I learned that if I make more than one at a time, I'm likely to quit them all!! And the first resolution I made was about weight loss!! I started an on-again off-again weight loss program in August when school started, and in January my mom and sister decided to join Weight Watchers, which really helped me kick it back into gear!! So far, I've lost 27.6 lbs since August, and 11.2 of those have been since re-joining WW on January 10! I am super excited about it. Anyway, all that to say that is the resolution I started in January. This month, thanks to my dear friend, Leslie, I think it's time to really commit to blogging regularly again. How many times have I said this? About a million. Mostly to my mom when she complains that I haven't posted in a year or so:) But the truth is, I do have some time in the evenings now. Especially since Kamden has been brainwashed by my husband to love developed a deep love for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which he calls "Man." Ridiculous!! Anyway, Kaleb plays it nightly, and now it's kind of merging with putting Kamden to sleep. We'll see how long it lasts!

On Wednesday, I'll be participating in Leslie's blogging challenge, so I'll just blog about life for today. School is going really well. Kaleb's job is going great. Ella is kicking butt in kindergarten, and Kamden is kicking butt (but not in the good way) at his sitter's house. He is a hair puller to girls and an eye-poker to the cat. We really do try to work with him on being kind to our friends and to animals, but right now he kinda just thinks it's more fun to tackle things. Like cats, dogs, and friends who are smaller than him most of the time.
We had a good Valentine's Day today! We are on a super-tight budget right now and this week it left no room for gifts, so we decided to write one another letters, which I love:) I made a yummy Mexican supper and did some chocolate chip cookies for Kaleb. They are not WW-friendly...but it's Valentine's Day and I am pretty sure they will be gone soon:) Kamden REALLY racked up on candy that my students got me. We sent Ella a package, but I'm sure there will be some remnants left when she comes this weekend!

Just because I like to keep a record SOMEWHERE of what he's doing right now. At almost 21 months Kamden decided he'd like to start pottying. He went really well at the sitter's when the "big kids" went, but at home, he couldn't care less. If you put him on a potty, he will go, but he isn't interested and telling you BEFORE he actually does it:) So that's going to be a little ways off. I hadn't planned to start working with the potty stuff until this summer, but I figured if he wanted to do it now I surely wasn't going to stop him! He is SO curious. We answer the question, "Unh dis?" approximately 237 times a day. And that's probably a vast underestimate. It means "What's this" by the way. And he also asks us ALL the time, "What do?" "What do, Mommy?" when he wants to know what we're doing. And when we answer him he always says, "Ohhhh." It's hilarious! We are so enjoying that he can say absolutely anything right now. He can tell us if he's hurt, and he can tell us what hurts. He tells us what he wants to eat and drink (milk, juice, water, and occasionally "doke" which is any type of soda) and what he wants to do or watch on TV. He is obsessed with "Fesh Band" which is "Fresh Beat Band" on Nickelodeon. He also LOVES Mickey Mouse, and we are 99% sure he will be having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party this year. He just rode into the bedroom riding Ella's pink "cooter" which I know sounds really bad, but that's what he calls her scooter. He's pretty good at it, too! He can ride it while holding a bag of Cheese Nips and eating them. Obviously, the whole go-to-sleep-while-watching-Daddy-play-Man isn't working=) Going to take this as my cue to go nigh-night!!

Here's a picture of me with my littlest Valentine tonight. He hasn't had enough candy =)


Nancy said...

I LOVE this new resolution!!!! (As you knew I would!) :) Thank you!!!!!!! And thank YOU, Leslie! :)

Leslie said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad you posted. I love reading about your kiddos and seeing pictures of them, so don't stop posting about them, ok? The picture of Kam tackling that kid made me laugh out loud. We miss you guys!!! It's crazy to live this close to each other and never see y'all. We need to fix that soon.

Glenda said...

Yay! You're back! Congrats on the weight loss! You and Kaleb are so very blessed with two beautiful children and a home full of love!