Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

What's your daily routine?

This week, our blogging topic is describing our daily routine! Mine is pretty much the same for weekdays. Here we go!

5:00 a.m.--This is when my alarm goes off for the first time. Because I am always very certain when I go to bed the night before that today will be the day I start getting up early to work out.
My alarm goes off in 20 minute increments until I finally either a) get up at 6:15 or 6:30 or b) hear this little darling calling for Mommy or Daddy=)

(Note: He is not in the bath when he calls. He is in his crib. This is just the only super recent picture I have that I'm not planning on using tomorrow.)

6:15-7:00--Get ready for work. This consists of washing my hair (every other day unless I worked out) and, if I got up earlier than 6:15, actually straightening it and wearing it down. And putting on make up and getting dressed. While I do this, my sweet husband gets up at 6:45 and gets Kamden ready to go to his sitter's house. Our TV is on KFDM. When they have to "switch over to the CW" I begin worrying because I should really be ready by now.

7:00--The Fresh Beat Band comes on, recording on the TV in our bedroom. I begin to panic because I should REALLY BE READY by now.

7:00-7:05 (Okay, 7:10)--Rush around to get something together to eat at school, get Kam loaded into the car.

7:15--Drop Kam at his sitter's house, which is very conveniently on my way to school!

7:30--This is the time I have to be at school. Realistically, I am here somewhere between 7:25 and 7:30 daily. Unless the awesome traffic light on FM 105 is messed up, then it's more like 7:33.

7:40--My day begins, and I take my kids to P.E. or Music. I have a lovely Conference time until 8:40, when my kids come back.

8:40-3:05--I teach math to 4th graders.

3:30--I can leave school at this time. Sometimes I do. Most times I don't. What teacher actually leaves on time??

4:00--Pick up Kamden whenever I leave school. We come home, he usually asks for some sort of snack, and I get supper going. (**Unless it's Monday. Monday is grocery day unless I went over the weekend.)

5:15--Kaleb gets home!

6:00--We watch the news.

6:30--Usually, supper is ready by now. When we hear "Wheel...of...fortune!!!" We know we should be sitting down at the table=) We are THAT old.

After supper, one of us does the dishes while the other gives this little love bug a bath.

Around 8:00--Kam goes down...either by us rocking him and watching TV or by rocking him in his room for a minute then putting him down. Honestly, and I know this will sound bad, but it depends on what all has gone on during the day and how much we need to just sit down and watch mindless television for a minute.

9:00--If I didn't get up at 5 to work out in the morning, I start to feel guilty, so on nights like last night I do some sort of workout video or Wii Zumba at this time.

10:00--Hopefully get a bath while reading a delicious book!

11:00--I really try to be in bed before this time, but it rarely happens.

So, that's it! A normal day for Jenni Breaux. I hope no psycho reads this and comes to kill me now that s/he knows my routine. Now I've freaked myself out!

I will be back tomorrow evening with a post about our wonderfull weekend with Ella, which will include LOTS more pictures!!!


Leslie said...

I seriously laugh out loud at your posts. Mostly because y'all sound exactly like us, but the psycho coming to kill you based on your routine got me this week.

Nancy said...

I just read this at school...yes, it's my lunch break. I'm not goofing off when I should be teaching! :) I loved the post, but I'm a little sad because none of the pictures are showing up. I'm hoping it's because they're somehow blocked here at school...even though the pictures for your previous post are showing. I will look forward to seeing them at home this evening.

Nancy said...

Don't know what you did (if anything!), but I can see those cute pictures now. Thanks!!

Stacie said...

You're super funny. I had to laugh at the part about hearing Kam in the mornings "from his crib, not the bath" & the part about the psycho. I totally would have thought the same thing. hehe. Sounds like a good day although I would never want to teach math! lol