Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Yes, that's Kamden with one of my eye make-up pencils in his nose. My son LOVES make-up. I'm serious! He loves putting it on, digging his little fingernails into my blush and eye shadow, everything. And when we took our first trip ever to Sephora with my BFF, Blaire, a few weeks ago, I really think he was as excited as I was. What 21-month-old boy goes to Sephora and starts saying, "May-up! May-up!" over and over again??
All that to say, my friend, Leslie, who is all-around inspiring, has inspired me to blog again! And she had a great idea to do it. We all want to know things about people, but would never ask...and sometimes never knew we wanted to know! So, I'm just calling it "Inquiring Minds Want to Know..." because I really like to label things=) This week: What's in your make-up bag?
This is my super-cute make-up bag! One of my students gave it to me my first or second year teaching. (Leslie, did you get one, too? If you did, then it was my first year. If you didn't, it was my second.)It seriously fits everything I need! I was honest...I just dumped it out and placed it nicely and didn't hide the earrings or hair clips that somehow found their way in there.My daily make-up routine consists of taking off the previous day's make-up a couple of seconds before I put today's make-up on. I know, I know. I use Mary Kay's Eye Make-up Remover because it is AMAZING.

I am a big fan of Bare Minerals, so I use their Medium Beige foundation/powder/whatever, their Warmth (LOVE), and the Mineral Veil when I remember it. (I honestly cannot tell a difference).

My favorite pieces of make-up are right here:
My lovely sister, Katie, introduced me to Too Faced a while back, and also changed my eye-lining-life forever when she bought me Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette (the little pot of stuff to the right of my eye shadow). It is AMAZING. Seriously. I don't ever see myself using anything else. The Too Faced Natural Eye (the box of stuff above) is what I use daily. I have some awesome Bare Minerals that I sometimes use for dressing up, but that doesn't really happen much these days=)

The other things in the picture are my blush, which is just some random Cover Girl blush, and my lipstick, which is the little silver box thing. It's Loreal Infallible in Henna and it stays on forever. Most days I just wear Mary Kay's Lip Gloss. I am currently using Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara, but it's only because I have to use it up before I go back to my awesome Glam'Eyes. I don't know why I ever strayed!

That's about it! I would really love to be able to wear MAC or this stuff Blaire (she's my girly stuff guru) just told me about called HD. Maybe one day when we have tons of money I will make the switch!! But for now...that's my bag!


Leslie said...

Ok, seriously keep posting pictures of Kamden. They are cracking me up.

I totally did not get a super cute make up bag! Jealous! I've been looking around for a new one, but I'm too cheap right now to get the really cute monogrammed one from Etsy that I want. Speaking of cheap, I discovered a little secret about MAC and the other name brand make up...ebay and amazon. Did you know you can buy it there? Like, totally new in the package name brand make up! I found a 24 piece set of MAC brushes for $20. They're usually $25 a piece! I didn't buy them, but I think Kelly was going too. I'm curious about the Too Faced stuff. My friend uses their base, and I've heard their Primed and Poreless is great too. Maybe they have it on ebay???

I'm so glad you're blogging!!! It makes me happy! :)

Nancy said...

Sweet Kam's pictures are too funny! I was just telling my yearbook girls about him this he comes in while I'm putting on my little bit of makeup and asks for some himself. It's good to know how to spell how he asks. :) I can hardly wait to see that sweet boy!! And to share my makeup with him! :) (Shhhh! Don't tell his daddy!)

Wendy Davis said...

Super cute pics of your fellow! Finley is the same way with my make-up! She loves putting it on! Her Aunt Stacy got her some play make-up (brushes, mirror, etc) and a really cute make-up bag for Christmas! I love blogging and am glad you've started again. It's such a fun way to keep a record of what is going on!