Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleepless Nights

I know I didn't post yesterday. That's mostly because I slept for most of it. Kamden stayed up ALL night Monday night. What a party animal. He wasn't happy to be up all night either. He was pretty upset about it. My wonderful husband let us both sleep as much as we wanted yesterday, though, so it definitely made up for it!! I don't think it's his congestion keeping him up. He's still stuffy, but it's so much better during the day. He just did not want to be put down and I'm guessing he just still has his days and nights mixed up. Not fun. He stayed up for a while yesterday evening and while he slept yesterday during the day Kaleb made sure that we put him down in something each time. Like this:

So precious! Shout out to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Glen for that bouncer! He loves it=)

Last night after I put Ella to bed I came into the living room to this:

Wondering what has him so interested?

He is his father's son!! Kaleb didn't make him turn his head or anything. Guess he just noticed there was a game on. I sure do love these guys!!!


Nancy said...

So PERFECTLY adorable!!! And I love the shots of him and his daddy watching the ballgame. Too perfect! :) I can hardly wait to see all of you!!!

Carolyn said...

How Adorable!

The picture with Daddy watching the game is priceless =)

Too Cute!

Glenda said...

Game night already??!!! Too cute!