Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Pictures Today...

Thought I'd warn you early! I will have quite a few when we get back home tonight or after church tomorrow, though! We had a big day yesterday! Kam made his first trip to The Ehrhart School to meet all my kiddos and my co-workers. They all loved him! My 4th graders were at P.E. and swarmed him. Well, the girls swarmed him. The boys swarmed me to tell me how they did on their TAKS tests! (They did AWESOME by the way, I am SO very proud of my kids this year!! (83% of my 4th graders passed and half of them got Commended, only missing 1 or 2 questions overall!! And my 5th graders are at 70% right now, but I am really hoping that at least one of them (hopefully 2 or 3) passed their TAKS the second time around!) Both these scores are the best that our school has ever done in these grades for the Math TAKS. Woo hoo!!

After our trip to the school, we made Kam's first overnight trip to Mema and Pawpaw's house in Starks! He's been here for short visits before, but we spent the night this time and he did so great!!! He gets lots of love and he just eats it up! Also, we made a record last night...he let us sleep from 1 a.m. to almost 5 a.m. WITHOUT WAKING US ONCE!!! That is a 4 hour stretch. That is HUGE for our boy! Just hope it can continue to happen:) He has been such a sweet baby a truly great mood!

Tomorrow we're going to take Kam to our church for the first time. We had a trial run last week at my parents' church, and he slept through the whole service! I hope that's the case again tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow for pictures from this weekend...I am off to play some Yahtzee with the fam!

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Nancy said...

My internet was messed up last night, so I just now got to read this one. :( I can just see those little girls falling in love with little Kam! :) How could they help it? :) Congratulations on your "other" kids (school kids)! I'm sure that they did so well because they had such a WONDERFUL teacher this year! I know that makes you proud to be a see that they really DID learn something, even though you got discouraged at times. I can hardly wait to OOOHHH and AHH over Kam myself!! :)