Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Been a While...

I know I haven't posted in a while (a week!!) but I had good reason. We have been busy! We spent this weekend making Kamden's first long visit to Many to see my parents, drop off Ella, and let all my family meet him! Here's Kam ready to go:

He did GREAT on the trip. He slept the whole way there (3 hours!), which we weren't really shocked about since both the Breaux and Lambert sides of our family are excellent car sleepers:) All my family was able to visit (except Uncle Roger, but since he's in Maryland we'll excuse him:) ). We took pictures of everyone holdin Kamden, but there is no way I'm posting all those on here. See my Facebook album for all the lovely pictures from this weekend. Here are a few highlights.
Kam spent a LOT of time this weekend like this:
and this: . He spent a little time like this:

and this: and this: !
We took our first full family picture on Sunday!

Kamden also did great on the ride home. Slept the whole way again!

He's really been having touble sleeping at night. Well, unless we are holding him. This weekend was really bad, and I am assuming it is because of my chocolate and peanut butter intake :( So I have given up both. I haven't had either since Friday and man I am craving it! I have had some chocolate chip cookies, but I figure that can't hurt much and he hasn't had any problems with gas this week. Still, even when he wasn't gassy, he wanted to be held all night when he slept. Kaleb discovered that he really likes to lay on his side, so we bought a sleep positioner for him on Monday. It's a piece of cloth and at the bottom of it there are two wedges that velcro and we put him in there on his side in his pack n play in our room (wow lots of prepositional phrases there!) and the wedges keep him from rolling onto his stomach. He is doing great with it!! He still wakes up every 2 hours, but he eats for 30 minutes and then I can usually put him back down and he only fusses for a couple minutes if any and then falls asleep! It is nice!! And it was really cheap, too, just $15 at Target! Here it is in action:

Speaking of Target, Kam and I hadn't been anywhere except to hospitals, doctor's offices, Kaleb's parents', my parents', and my parents' church until today. We went to Target!!! It was so nice to get out. I found this awesome sling there!!! I really think Kam and I are both going to enjoy this. It's hands free cuddle time!! I definitely feel like a mama kangaroo.

That is about it for this super long update. I promise I will try and do better with the daily postings from now on!!


Sherri said...

It's Sherri AKA:Sassy from the parent's boards, I just had to say what a beautiful baby you have, he is just a doll! Im glad things are going so well for you!

Nancy said...

Sigh! I feel so much better now that I've had my over-due "Beautiful World" fix! :) I know we talk on the phone often, but there's something about reading your blog and looking at your sweet pictures with their "Jenni" captions that makes me feel like I'm almost in Beaumont with you. :) I know how busy things are with a new baby, so EXTRA thanks for taking the time to post!! I love you!!

Carolyn said...

Glad you hear you guys had a great time visiting your parents. He's looking different already and yet still adorable.

I love the family picture, you have a beautiful family.

The sleep positioner seems like a good idea, he looked really comfy in that photo.

You look great too BTW!
Love the sling photos =)

Leslie said...

Such a cutie!! I second the "you look great". I know you are so happy. I am praying for a nice lllooonnnnggg summer for you. Hope somewhere in there we'll get to see you guys.

Glenda said...

It was so good to see all of you last weekend, and Cam is as precious as everyone had said! Sounds like y'all are settling into a routine now . . . well, maybe "routine" is not the word. Babies have a way of changing routines!

I always enjoy your posts and pics! Have a great Sunday!

Glenda said...

Can you believe I spelled KAM's name wrong? Sorrrryyyyy!!! I guess I was thinking of our Cameron (Cam)!