Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good friends, Good times, Goodbyes

This past weekend was the best I've had in a really long time. It's pretty likely it was the best one of the year thus far. We drove up to Many on Thursday to spend the night at my parents' before we took Ella back to her mom's. On Friday, we went to Natchitoches to have lunch with my wonderful, beautiful best friend, Blaire, and my wonderful, beautiful best photographer AND great friend, Amy. That was fabulous. Afterwards, Kaleb went to play golf with his cousin, and I went back to my parents'. The evening was good. On Saturday, my parents and I woke up bright and early to head back over to Natchitoches to move my sister in her 2nd place in about 3 months. We were done by 10:30! Amazing! Then I discover that a WHOLE bunch of my favorite college friends were in town for a wedding! So I stayed in Natchitoches and went to hang out with Blaire and Jamie, two old and wonderful friends/roommates, and Joshua and Matt, two new friends. We had such a great time just catching up and fellowshiping with one another! Joshua and Matt were throwing a party that night, and I kept saying how much I wished we could stay (I had commitments at church the next day). Kaleb kept saying how we totally I got someone else to do my commitment (I felt really bad, but how often do I see these people?? It had literally been more than a year!!) and went and bought a dress (I didn't bring one...good excuse, huh?) and decided to stay another night! We saw SO many old friends, and met a bunch of new ones. We both realized more than ever how much we feel that God is drawing us back to Natchitoches. Kaleb's been feeling it, but I haven't until recently. We still feel like God's telling us to wait for now, though. And we are some impatient fools!!

Sunday morning, we went to church at The River, the church I went to while I was at NSU. I'll be honest...I mostly wanted to go because Mary Dirks was going to be leading worship. Man. It was just exactly what I needed...the memories flooded back and everything God has done and continues to do for me and for our families just rushed in. All I could do was praise Him. He is amazing! He works all things for His good. And no matter what situation I'm in, no matter how unhappy I feel with my job, it is so important to know that He's brought me here for a reason. When it's time to move, He'll let us know. But for now, I have to be open to let him use me in any way possible to reach the people I come into contact with here, especially my kids. Praise God! I love Him so!

So that was our weekend. It's left us yearning for more of what we experienced there, but we're trying to be patient until it's time for us to go back.

That was the good times and the good friends...the goodbyes was leaving them AND the fact that today was the last day of summer school!!! And while I've been looking forward to it for FOREVER, it makes me really sad because this was my last day with Leslie:( I have NO clue what I am going to do without her next year. I will miss you, my friend!!! We have GOT to still do stuff together!

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