Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation #1

Ahhhhhh. We got back this morning from a much-needed vacation! It was short, but so sweet! My mom, dad, and sister came in Saturday night and we left for Galveston after church on Sunday morning. We got some beach time, some attraction time, some pool time, and some great family time! I'd post pictures, but I just got finished uploading 71 to my myspace AND then to my facebook! So I'm sure we're myspace or facebook friends and you can see them there. Because they really are great. Ella had a great time. She LOVES the beach. Watching her in the waves was hilarious. We spent Monday at Moody Gardens, where she said her favorite part was the Rainforest. Every animal she saw was, "Idn't he cuuuuuute?" Including the snakes. We tried to tell her snakes weren't really cute, but she wasn't having it.

It ended way too quickly, but I am so glad we got to go together! It's our first vacation since we got married (except the honeymoon) and Kaleb and Ella's first vacation with my family. I had such a wonderful time!!! I named this vacation #1 because we leave for vacation #2 with Kaleb's family on Monday!! So at least we've got stuff to look forward to still:) We're going to Crystal Beach with them Monday through Thursday, coming home for the weekend, and then leaving the next Tuesday for Austin for a business trip with Kaleb! It'll be my first trip to Austin so I am PUMPED. We'll come back to Houston Friday night, stay with his cousin, and go to the JOHN MAYER concert on Saturday. We have got a very business next few weeks!!! Woo HOOOOO!!! I LOVE SUMMER!!

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Anonymous said...

wow! that was a great time. i just wish it were longer. i am also looking forward to our 08 vacation tour. love ya!