Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is Tamra home?

So we got to see "The Strangers" last night. I realllllllllly enjoyed it. It did its job of thoroughly freaking me out, so much so that while Kaleb's gone to pick up pizza for supper tonight I heard sounds in the garage and promptly (and quietly) sprinted barefoot to the door to lock it. The bad thing is, I'm supposed to be starting laundry. I'll have to wait til he gets home now. I love scary movies and I'd been so excited about seeing this one. The theatre was packed, and I was so proud of the audience's perfect participation (all the right gasps and "Oh, s***!s at the all the right times). I do not recommend seeing this if you a) have nightmares about scary movies, b) live or will live in a remote location for any length of time, or c) have a bad heart. I haven't jumped that much in a while. And honestly, I was jumpy for quite a long time after. The elements of good thriller action were there. No gore, which is unusual these days, and I love that the killers wore masks. Masks TERRIFY me. Something about not being able to know who's doing it...anyway, maybe I've said too much. You should go see this film!

We finally watched "Rob Zombie's Halloween" this afternoon. It was alright...great as far as Rob Zombie films go. I enjoyed seeing all his regulars in it (Sheri, Sid Haig, Danny Trejo, and not a regular but Malcom McDowell, who I will always love from his wonderful "A Clockwork Orange" portrayal). I liked seeing the backstory behind Michael Myers explained. I liked how it didn't point to "killers are created by their environment" OR "killers are already evil and there's nothing you can do about it." Instead, they showed that he was the result of the evil that exists in all of us and the environment that made him cling to that evil alone. It was great. A little too much sex for my normal taste, but you gotta expect it from Rob. And I'd like to say that he has the BEST music in his movies. He really knows how to pick the perfect songs for his films. Completely random 70's rock. Perfect.

This is our last week of school!! Then I start summer school the next Monday. Please, can someone tell me what I was thinking??


Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed watching both movies with you! i thought the music in both films was VERY appropriate and almost comical at times. we should go on movie dates more often.


Leslie said...

I can't even watch the commercial for The Strangers. I don't think I would make it through the movie...especially with the new living situation. It would also probably take me months before I was comfortable going back into the garage by myself, so props to you for that. In *someone's* famous words, "You are da bomb."

And we'll survive summer school together. Strength in numbers, right???