Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water Park Fun and a Trip to Nan & Bip's (& Katie's)

Last Friday, my sisters-in-law and I brought Ella, Kamden, and Caleb (friend) to a water park about 30 minutes away. The kids were SO excited about going!!!

They are little water bugs! There were 2 big slides (that, technically, Ella was not quite tall enough to ride, but no one seemed to notice) that Ella and Caleb bravely rode by themselves:

 Kamden hung out in this area for the smaller kids and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

 There were a couple smaller water slides in this part of the park, and at first he would only ride with his Aunt Cay-Cay. But he got brave once and went down alone, and that was it for him! He was hard to pull off the slides after that! He just couldn't get enough!

That evening, we headed up to Many to spend the weekend at my parents' house. We had to bring Ella back Saturday afternoon:( This was our last visit of the summer with her. I cannot believe it's over already!!

While we were at my parents', my mom pulled out this old type writer that my Pappaw Mike (her daddy) gave her. Ella wrote 2 stories all by herself!! She typed it all, spelled it all, everything!!! She just amazes me!!

Now, the kiddos stay overnight with Kaleb's parents pretty often, since they live so close down here. But Kamden has never gotten to spend the night (without us) at his Nan & Bip's house! And they'd asked earlier on in the summer if he could stay a few days with them. Kaleb has a business trip to Austin next week, and I thought that would be a perfect time! Then I started thinking, my goodness, Austin sure is a very long way from Many, and that's 3 days of being very, very far away from my baby boy...so we decided to let him stay up there Sunday night. And Monday night. And then my mom called and said he was having so much fun, could he just stay one more night?? Sooooooo, he's still there! And I am missing him like crazy!! I think that, aside from Kaleb's hospital stay last summer, this is the longest we've been away from him. But he is having SO much fun!! I am just ready for him to be back home:)


Nancy said...

I love this summertime blog! Thanks for sharing Kam with Bip and Katie and me for a little while. It has been WONDERFUL!! Even better than I had imagined it would be. :) There's nothing quite like have a grandchild all to yourself! :)And hopefully we haven't spoiled him too much. It's been especially nice to get to share VBS with him. We've made some beautiful memories. Thanks again, to you AND Kaleb!! I love y'all!!

Leslie said...

I love that you have been blogging so much! I've been missing you. We all need to get together soon!

Stacie said...

The picture of Kam coming off the waterslide is beautiful! Looks like a fun day!