Sunday, July 10, 2011


I tried for hours to put pictures on here and it was taking FOREVER. So maybe next time:)

I am going to just skip everything that's happened in the last few months because, honestly, everyone who reads this is also my FB friend, so you've already seen all the pictures from Kam's fabulous 2nd birthday party (which turned out to be airplane-themed, not Mickey Mouse:) ) and you know that the school year ended beautifully. We had a great start to our summer! We brought Ella back down after her graduation in May and had some relax-time at home. I got out of school a week later, and I know we didn't do a whole lot, but it sure feels like we have just been going non-stop! I have NO clue how it's already July 10.

We've already had our 2 family vacations this summer. We went with my family to Galveston & Kemah, where we had an AWESOME time at Schlitterbahn Water Park and at the beach and the boardwalk in Kemah. Then a few weeks later, we had a relaxing vacation with Kaleb's family at a lake house on Toledo Bend. Days of tubing and soaking up the glorious sun were treasured by all of us!! We are so incredibly blessed to be able to take trips like this with our families!! And then we have another small trip planned for the first of August. Kaleb has an election seminar every year in Austin, and this year Kamden and I will get to go with him! (Ella will be back at her mom's by then.) For the next couple of weeks, we are just going to try to do fun things around the house so the kids don't get bored! And I will hopefully find some time to work on my classroom.

I ended the school year at 45 lbs lost, and at one point this summer I'd gotten to 49 lbs! But now it's back to 45. I attribute that to the complete lack of willpower when it comes to vacations, eating out, family get-togethers...all of that. BUT I also got TurboFire for my birthday a few weeks ago and am on Week 3 of it right now, and I REALLY think that I have got to be building some muscle, too!! I am definitely feeling it BIG TIME. I took my measurements in week 2 so that when I get a month or so into it I can use the inches to judge instead of just the scale. I get so focused on those stupid numbers!! I'm really trying to just let my clothes and my eyes tell me. I have kinda stopped Weight Watchers. It was AWESOME and I completely owe those 45 lbs gone to it!! Well, it and C25K and TurboJam and walking and running on my own. But I haven't been tracking, and it costs money, and I know what I need to do, so I'm just gonna do that:) I have never felt as good as I feel now, and I can honestly say that this is the smallest (I hate to say that because I definitely do not feel "small") that I have EVER been as an adult. In fact, I am below the weight that I put on my driver's license when I was 16, which was a lie even at the time:) So I am becoming okay with the fact that I might not get down to that magic "145" before we start trying to get pregnant in the fall. I just want to feel the best I can feel and look the best I can look. Woo hoo!!

Kamden has become really, really fast and really, really talkative. He talks all.the.time. Even when he doesn't have anything to say! He's started this thing at the dinner table. Kaleb and I will be having a conversation and he just starts in, "Um, Mommy, and, um, Daddy, and swimming and, um, *smacks tongue* snake dead..." he just strings together whatever words are in his head at the moment, just so he will have something to say! It is hilarious!!! He also started telling us, "I didn't do ANYsing!" in a super sweet voice, so sweet that you expect him to bat his eyes while he says it. This is in response of doing something wrong, of course. He and Ella love having scooter races through the house, and we've had to move them outside because we found scuff marks on the floor today since they have started riding fast then jumping off and letting the scooters go and run into things.

So that's what's been going on around here! I always say that I'm going to do better at blogging and then I never do, so I'm hoping maybe if I don't say it this time that maybe I actually will:) That way I don't jinx it:)

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Nancy said...

I was catching up on my favorite blogs and clicked on this MOST favorite...and, to my DELIGHT, I found that you have updated!! :) It brought back sweet memories of our weekend in Galveston/Kemah...I LOVE our summer days with you kids...all 5 of you! :)