Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Favorite Babysitter

This little lady is such a great babysitter!!! I was a little nervous about having both Ella and Kamden by myself, but man it is wonderful!!! Ella has been SUCH huge help today!! We got up at 9 and she held him while I fixed our breakfasts. Then we put him in his swing while we ate...and she watched him while I washed, dried, and fixed my hair, put on makeup, and started the laundry! And she's only 4!!! She was able to calm him down when he cried (unless he was hungry) and she is so patient with him. Seriously, best big sister EVER!!! And she helped me pick up around the house today, too!! A-mazing.

This little one gave mama a GREAT night last night!!! We went to bed around 12 (he passed out at 11) and he woke up at 2, 5, and 8 to eat! Are those perfect 3 hour intervals? I think so!!! We are realllllly praying that this is the start of something good and not just a fluke!

Oh, and I'd like to add that Ella has slept in her bed ALL NIGHT both nights that she's been here with us!!! This is HUGE as she usually wakes up in the middle of the night and comes and sleeps in our floor. She really is becoming SUCH a big girl!!!

Tomorrow I'll have to incorporate the sling again...Ella is getting to take a trip to the beach with Mema, Aunt Clair, Aunt Cay Cay, and Andrew! I am jealous, but it helps to know that I'll be spending the day with this sweet one!

I didn't blog about the sling did I? Yesterday, Kam and I took our first grocery shopping trip without Daddy. I feel very uncomfortable with the way the infant carrier fits in the buggy, so I decided why not just throw him in the sling? It definitely weighs a lot less! So we did...and would you believe he did not make a PEEP the entire time?? Not even a tiny whimper! It's like he thinks he's gone back into the womb and he just sleeps so soundly. So, I have officially become a baby-wearing mama. Woo hoo!!!


Nancy said...

I LOVE the pictures, and I am SO proud of Ella Claire! How sweet both of your children are!!! You are truly blessed...of course, I know that you know that. :) Thanks for making my day! :)

The Frausto Family said...

So lovely... what a great family! I can't figure out my sling for the life of me. Hm..

Glenda said...

That sweet Ella! I'm sure helping you watch Kam makes her feel really big, too! Kam is growing so fast and has the cutest smile!!