Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Morning!

Not to make you jealous, but here's who I'm spending my day with!

Ohhhhh, sweetest boy ever!!! I love him so much!!
We had a great weekend! We headed up to Many on Friday and stayed with Nan and Bip that evening. Saturday we got up and got Ella and went to have lunch with some of Kaleb's friends from college, then we hung out at my parents again until it was time to leave. The ride home? Not so fun. I am afraid Kam has decided he doesn't like long car rides. He cried (loudly) pretty much the entire way home (3 hours). He'd be okay for about 20 minutes, then cry for 10. Poor thing. I know that's a lot of time in a carseat for him, but we don't really have any other options! I guess we'll just hope he gets better!
Yesterday after church last night, the Tony awards were on!!! Yaay!!! Kaleb was less than thrilled about it, but Kam...well he was pretty pumped!

Can you believe how well he's holding his head up?? He had his head like that first picture for at least a full minute. Enough time for Kaleb to notice, tell me, me to stand in awe, then have the sense to get a camera and capture it!
Oh, and in the first picture, no I didn't get him to smile on cue. Not there just yet! I just caught one because I was staring at him with the camera on his face for about 5 minutes solid:)
Happy Monday!


Nancy said...

Sorry, but you did make me jealous! Wish I was there!!! That Kamden is absolutely TOO cute!! And the pictures of him actually holding his head up to watch the Tonys...priceless! :) Sorry, Kaleb!

Stacie said...

Such precious pictures! His smile is ADORABLE! Hope you had a wonderful day together :)