Thursday, May 8, 2008


We reorganized Ella's room last night! Well...more like just plain organized, really, since there was no rhyme or reason to it before. I realized about halfway through the process that I should've taken a before picture, but I didn't, so you'll have to settle for an after. I discovered Target's awesome Cube-icals! That shelf was just $50 and the fabric bins were $6 each, which is ridiculously cheap for such cute things! They're exactly what I was looking for and it came together so well! We got it done in about an hour and a half last night between 10 and 11:30, which is the latest I've stayed up in a while. Here's the finished product:

So cute, huh?? Like I said, you should've seen it before. That entire wall was COVERED with junk...including a huge gray tub full of toys that she NEVER plays with. We were even able to get all her Barbies and kitchen stuff into those little bins. Brilliant!

In some sad news, my Ganny died last night. She was my grandma's sister and very close to my family my whole life. She kept me until I started school and always had tons of stories to tell on me. Every person I ever brought for her to meet heard the story of how, when I "couldn't-a been more than a year old!" looked her right in the face and told her to "Tet up!" which she thought was hilarious and my parents thought wasn't so much. She also made the BEST desserts I've ever had in my life. And cinnamon rolls. Man. We will miss you, Ganny. Love, Little Tet Up (what she called me).

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Jessica W. said...

That is so cute! I am sorry to hear about your Ganny. My prays are with you and your family.