Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break #1

Friday evening, our friend/pastor Mark came over with his boys (we missed you, Lauren!!) to hang out while Kaleb did some work on his golf clubs. Now, the Snodgrass boys are 3 and 4 months, and Kamden was very much in awe of Paul, the 3 year old (after he investigated Luke, the 4 month old, and attempted to give him the initial head swat that he gives everyone he comes into contact with). So when Paul went to play in Ella's room, Kam followed closely behind.
A sidenote to say that Kamden loves Ella's room. We keep the door shut most of the time, so when he can get in, it's like a whole new world for him. She has this easel with dry erase markers, chalk, and watercolor paint. He's tried to taste the paints before, so last time he was in there I got smart and moved them out of his reach.

Fast forward to last Friday night...when Kaleb comes out of Ella's room holding Kamden and saying, "Hey, Jenni...are watercolors nontoxic?"
The kid is still here and never got sick, so I am going to go with a yes on that. Our there anything he won't eat?? (FYI, the answer is yes...and it involves most baby food right now.)
Saturday Kam & I stayed home while Daddy went to play golf...Kam got his special weekend breakfast of a pancake...
and cereal with blueberry applesauce. I say it's special...but really if the boy wants a pancake, the boy gets a pancake!
This week, the school district that Kamden's sitter lives in was on Spring Break, so she took the week off, too. It also happened to be Kam's Nan's (my mom) and Aunt Clair's Spring Breaks as well! So my mom came down Sunday afternoon and stayed through Wednesday evening! I know she had the best time keeping Kam...and I really enjoyed having her down here!! It really made me realize how much I miss my family and made me a little sad to know that we can't do things like that more often. But....such is life, right? So, Nan went back to Many on Wednesday and today Aunt Clair and Mema (Kaleb's mom) kept him. He hasn't been spoiled at all this week!!! He got to play outside all day today, and I hear he is quite the gardener! Ha!! Aunt Clair will be keeping him again tomorrow, then we will be off to Many for the night so that we can get Ella tomorrow!!! Because next week is Spring Break #2 for our house! I'm not off until next week, but Kaleb's taking off Monday to have a Daddy/Daughter Day with Ella, and then he will keep Kam for a couple hours in the morning the rest of the week until his mom can come to keep the kids. They are going to have so much fun!! I wish I could take off some, but I am way out of days at school...I've already been docked for 3.5 days, so I'm trying to save anything else for emergencies! After this week, we start our final week of Spring Break...mine! So Kam will be out of the sitter's for 3 weeks!!! He'll go on Monday of this next week and one day during my week off so I can get some errands run, but other than that he is in full family mode. And I think he loves it. Ha!! I know that he loves his Nonna (sitter), too, though! Hopefully he will do just fine when he goes back at the end of the month.
That's about it for tonight...I am worn slap out! Hopefully I will be back with a post after this weekend, finally with some pics of our sweet girl again!!! I cannot wait for this next week with her!!!
Oh, one last picture...did you know that Kamden loves to empty entire packages of anything he can get his little hands on? And then attempt to eat whatever he empties out? Yes, even diapers. Hey, at least they're clean ones!


Nancy said...

Oh my! What PRECIOUS pictures! I think my favorite is that first one...although the painted-face picture is pretty priceless! :) I LOVE that sweet boy!! Thanks for staying up late and keeping us updated. :)

Stacie said...

Can you believe what little boys get into?! You just wait ;)
Is that Ella smiling in the background of the diaper photo or am I seeing things?

Jenni said...

HAHA Stacie, that's the kid on the diaper box in his closet...sadly, we haven't seen Ella since we got her in February...there will be lots with her on my next post, though!!

Glenda said...

I agree with Nancy; I like the first pic best. But they're all so good! Years from now, you'll be so glad you've documented Kam's growing up years in words and photos!