Monday, March 1, 2010

I Hung My Head

I am ashamed to even post here! It's been 3 months. THREE MONTHS!!! Here are the monthly pictures we missed...I have missed chronicling so many things...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's...visits from Ella, a snowy weekend in Many, and numerous milestones that Kamden's achieved. Sigh. I figure I've gotta come back somehow, though, right? I miss blogging big time. I really am going to try harder now...Kamden is going to bed early enough that I usually have time before I go down for the night. Mostly for my own personal records, here's what's gone on...we had wonderful end-of-the-year holidays!! We spent Thanksgiving in Many with the Lowe family, Christmas Eve Eve up there, too...came back to Bridge City with Ella (after seeing her Christmas program at school and going to her class Christmas Party and the kids' first trip to see Santa together) and enjoyed our new house on Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning...then went over and spent the rest of the day in Starks with the Breauxs...we had Ella until after New Year's, and we spent that with all the Coleman clan down here. Then we had a few weeks of school...Kam had an ear infection in late November...then a little viral infection in early February, then pink eye the next week, then was croupy the next he's just got some congestion. We have discovered that he just loves Amoxycilin and that he hates both cough medicines he's had to take thus far in his life.

Here's where he is now...he eats everything. Seriously, everything. If he doesn't like it at first, we mix it with yogurt and he is good to go. He has a head full of hair...and in February he's cut 4 new teeth. The bottom two and the one to his left of those are all the way in...his top right eye tooth came in 3rd (bottom left came in after, but quick) and his front teeth came quickly after, but they're just about half-way in so far. He hasn't had much trouble with them...just loves to gnaw on things. He's been grinding his teeth lately and it drives us CRAZY!! It just makes my whole mouth hurt when I hear him do it.

(This picture was pre-any top teeth.)

Thanks to our good friends the Snodgrasses, we discovered this wonderful book, and Kamden has now been sleeping through the night since the first couple weeks of January. We had a few rough nights in the beginning, but it is well worth it now! He is in a good routine...eats supper around 6:30, plays for a while, has a bath around 7:30, has a 5-10 minute wild romp around his room (I do mean wild), nurses, goes in his crib, immediately stands up, gets cuddled and prayed with, and then goes to sleep around 8:15 or 8:30 each night. He wakes up between 5 and 6. I'll take that over the 3 hour intervals anyday!!

He's very interested in walking...he cruises anywhere he can and pushes everything around the house, whether it's his walker, a tv tray, a bowl, a laundry basket...if he can push it, he's using it to get around. He still doesn't show much interest in walking to either of us...he knows he is a speed crawler, so he drops down and takes off. He's discovered the toilet...both how to flush it and that he can reach it if we forget to put the seat down. YUCK, I know. He also is tall enough that if he gets some momentum he can throw himself over the side of the far, he's only done this once where he went all the way over, and I caught him before he made contact with the water or tub. He is into absolutely everything. Nothing is safe. He definitely is keeping us on our toes and he is only (almost) 10 months. 10 months!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

He says "Da-da," "Bye-bye," and "Ba-ba"(at bathtime) regularly. In the last couple days, he's also (finally!!!) been saying "Ma-ma," too. I also notice that when he's hungry he tends to say "Na-na." Not sure if that's a coincidence or not. He also waves when he says "Bye-bye." He started that around the 9 month mark.

He still is utterly fascinated by the vaccuum cleaner. He LOVES it. He cries when we turn it off. He loves to watch me vaccum the house...and mop, which doesn't make noise. His sitter says that he's just a little man who loves to watch women clean. Ha! I think he's just going to be a clean-loving guy like his Daddy.
Don't have time for much else tonight...just wanted to confirm that we are all alive and well and get the recent milestones written down for our own records. Yes, we have a baby book, but I like to have things in 2 places=)

Forgive me for skipping blogging for 3 months...and know that I am really going to try harder this year!!


Nancy said...

Ahhh!!! Don't know about you, but I feel SO much better now! :) I love the new look of your blog!!! And, of course, I love seeing pictures of the sweet Breaux family. I'm so glad you're back on the blog track!! :)

katieBee said...

sooooo prettty :)
i had such a LOVELY weekend with my favorite little family. just hate that sweet ella couldn't be there. thank yall SO much for having me :) i know by looking at the pictures it doesnt seem possible but that boy is even sweeter and cuter in person.

Glenda said...

Jenni, you did a great job of catching us up! And I love the pics - and your new blog look! You've probably never heard this . . . but you have two cute kiddos! Happy Anniversary!