Friday, November 21, 2008


Soooooo, since I finished up the books in July, I've been counting down the days til Twilight came out! And I always assumed I'd be at the midnight showing. Then I realized that it was on a school night and I'd be teaching the next day and decided, eh, maybe I'd just wait. But My sweet, amazing, best-ever husband said that he'd go with me at midnight last night, so we headed out a little before 11! I just have to brag on him. He endured me basically shunning him for a week so I could throw myself into Forks and Bella and Edwards lives, then listened patiently, even asking questions sometimes, when I told him every single thing that was happening since no one else I was around had read the books. And yesterday, he'd gotten up at 4 to go play golf all day, came home at 6, helped me fix dinner for a dinner party we hosted, entertained for a few hours, and STILL took me to Twilight! I just think I've got the best man around, that's all. No. Scratch that. I know it. I love him so much!!!

As for the movie...I was so not disappointed. In fact, I thought it was probably as close as they could possibly get to the book. My opinion, of course. Naturally, there were characters, places, and events I'd pictured very differently in my head. I hate their selection for Jacob, and Charlie had to grow on me (he was a little older in my mind). Also, I was a little upset that they'd added extra stuff, but decided it was okay because, technically, it was in the book, just not in any sort of detail. I want to talk more, but I know some of you will see it this weekend. So...... let me know when you do!!!!!!

Oh, and Edward...oh, dear. They couldn't have picked a more perfect Edward!

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Leslie said...

Ok, you give me hope because Kelly HATED it. Heather went last night, so I haven't heard what she thought. I think I might finally be able to go tomorrow night. I'm just going to walk into it expecting nothing. Maybe then I won't be disappointed if it's not that great. Aren't you so glad you read the books!?! Even though the whole topic sound crazy, they were soooo good!